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Rail Pass France: unlimited rail travel by summer 2024

On Thursday 7 September 2023, Transport Minister Clément Beaune reaffirmed the French government’s commitment to introducing a €49-a-month “Rail Pass” for TER and Intercités trains by “next summer”. This ambitious project is inspired by the success of the Deutschlandticket in Germany. A rail pass that has won the hearts of 11 million Germans, giving them unlimited travel on regional trains for just €49 a month… Discover why the French government embraced the German initiative and the challenges ahead for this innovative project.

A desire to innovate

The introduction of the “Rail Pass” was announced by President Emmanuel Macron few days ago. Today, it has just been confirmed today by Clément Beaune. The aim of this project is clear: to simplify access to rail transport and rapidly roll out this scheme.

I want it to be simple: for French people of all ages to be able to buy this Pass and travel on Intercités or TER trains for an unlimited period at a single, low price.


If the “Pass Rail à la Française” succeeds, it could transform the way French people travel on a daily basis. It could encourage more people to use the train for their home-to-work journeys, helping to reduce road congestion and carbon emissions. What’s more, by simplifying access to rail transport, the French government hopes to make the train more attractive to young people and families, with the aim of changing travel habits in the long term…

A major challenge to overcome…

The challenge remains an ambitious one. In France, it is the regions that have the final say on TER fares, season tickets and discounts. Today, there are many different offers and prices, all independent of each other. Harmonising all these elements and making them consistent can be a very complex task. Franck Dhersin, vice-president of the Hauts-de-France region, expressed his scepticism in an interview on Franceinfo.

The President of the Republic often has some very good ideas, but what he really needs to do is stop using local authority money to come up with ideas. I say to the President of the Republic, go for it! But it’s your idea and you’re financing it.


Nevertheless, Clément Beaune has begun discussions with regional presidents to advance the Rail Pass for a summer launch. Stay tuned for key updates, and we’ll keep you informed…