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NFC Forum: REAL contactless payment will be here by 2028

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a wireless technology used for mobile payment, file sharing and device-to-device interaction. Recently, the NFC Forum announced its roadmap for the next five years. In it, they unveil major advances that will enhance the user experience. 58% of card payments were made contactless in 2021 (Banque de France), yet many frictions remain, notably linked to communication distance or the alignment of the two devices. Discover the new perspectives offered by these future developments…

Extended range from 5 to 30 mm

One of the major advances planned in the NFC Forum roadmap concerns the expansion of the communication range. Currently limited to around 5 mm, this range will be extended to 30 milimeters. This significant improvement will reduce the risk of communication failure. It will eliminate the need for proximity and precise alignment of the two parties involved in the transaction. Users will benefit from smoother connectivity and a better experience when using NFC.

Multi-operation functionality in a single tap

In addition to extending the range, the NFC Forum is also planning to introduce a new feature enabling multiple operations to be carried out in a single approach. Examples of use cited include:

  • Swipe a loyalty card and a payment card at the same time
  • Validate several tickets in a single gesture
  • Access to all your tickets during a multimodal trip

An NFC payment terminal integrated into your smartphone

The NFC Forum also plans to introduce a new feature enabling multiple transactions to be carried out in a single approach. This innovation is inspired by Apple’s “Tap to Pay” functionality. Smartphones equipped with NFC technology will be able to transform themselves into true payment terminals, offering users the possibility of carrying out secure and convenient transactions with their mobile device. This feature will simplify payment processes and contribute to a smoother user experience.

Implications of NFC for businesses and consumers

These NFC developments open up new opportunities for businesses and consumers alike. Merchants will be able to adopt NFC mobile payment solutions without the need for costly terminals. This will facilitate the adoption of contactless payments and encourage a transition to faster, more secure digital transactions. One of the biggest markets for NFC will undoubtedly be in mobility. By enabling a simpler, faster means of payment, transport services will provide their users with a smoother, less restrictive experience. Consumers, meanwhile, will benefit from greater flexibility and an enhanced user experience. Their mobile devices will be able to perform a variety of operations with ease.

A promising future for contactless

Some companies already seem intent on taking the contactless philosophy a step further. Like tMoney, some ticketing players are entering the “Tagless” race. They are innovating with technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy Payement and Face Pay. Their aim is to relieve users of the need to validate or pay for their tickets. All you have to do is carry your means of payment with you, and the gantries at the entrances to the various public transport systems will take care of the rest. For these companies, the ultimate user experience means annihilating the user. Where many are trying to make contactless experiences more pleasant for users, those who seem to be the leaders of tomorrow are striving to make this experience disappear, whose only physical trace will be an exchange of high-frequency waves imperceptible to anyone…