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New integration into Moscow’s MaaS application of level 3

Launched at the initiative of VTB Bank, Yandex Go and Moscow Metro, “MultiTransport” continues to expand its multimodal offer. Following the example of the reference MaaS application Whim, the latter declines different packages offering unlimited access to public transport and different mobility services, not exceeding 5,999 rubles, equivalent to €100. In beta-test since the end of December 2021, it already offers more than 7 different transportation modes. It includes public transport (metro, monorail, Moscow Central Circle (MCC), Moscow Central Diameters (MCD), trains), and cabs. In early August, it announced the integration of the new mobility service, “Vélobike”.

“A saving of up to 25% per month”

Appearing in the russian application “Moscow Metro”, Muscovites benefit from a new offer, the “Bike MultiTransport”. It’s the result of a collaboration between VTB Bank and the bike rental service Velobikes. Each month, it includes unlimited access to public transport as well as an unlimited number of 15-minute bike rides. Valid for 30 days, the pass costs 2399 rubles, or nearly €40. The goal: To simplify intermodality between different modes of transport, thanks to MaaS. As a reminder, the application already included three multimodal packages.

MultiTransport Mini2,999 rubles (~ 50€)Unlimited Public Transport5 taxis rides
MultiTransport Standard3,999 rubles (~ 68€)Unlimited Public Transport10 taxis rides
MultiTransport Max5,999 rubles (~ 100€)Unlimited Public Transport20 taxis rides

As Maxim Likustov, deputy mayor in charge of transport, said: “Considering the passenger traffic in Moscow, the service will become one of the largest in the world and will allow each person, taking into account his or her own needs, to build complex multimodal trips on different modes of transport, […], on the principle of “one-stop shopping”.

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Infrastructure design for micromobility

According to the Telegram profile of the “Moscow Department of Transport”, 20 new “slow zones” for electric scooters have been introduced. These are areas located in the busiest streets and parks, where the speed of the machines should not exceed 15km/h. To date, the city has more than 130 such zones, and this number is likely to increase.

In fact, since the beginning of this year, more than 12 million scooter trips have been made, compared to 8.6 million in 2021. With “more than 70% going to the metro, MCC, MCD and for short trips within and between districts”. An intermodality that should be found on the side of two wheels, with the “Bike MultiTransport”. To be continued…