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Neuron: conquering Australia

With the launch of 750 electric scooters in Melbourne in January, followed by another 300 in Rockhampton in early February, Neuron electric scooters have been on a roll lately. Add to that Australia’s 4th largest city, and it’s starting to happen… The announcement was made in February 2023, but the official launch took place last week… Find out why this Singaporean company is the darling of the South West Pacific region…

Heading to Australia

Singaporean expert Neuron Mobility has announced that it has been selected to provide electric scooters in the city of Perth as part of a two-year trial. The trial began on 18 March 2023 with 250 of the electric scooters. From now on, riders can travel throughout the city of Perth, but also through its surrounding suburbs, such as East Perth, Crawley and Northbridge. These scooters are being introduced to cover the end-to-end journeys of residents. The choice of the city micro-mobility operator is based on a strong track record of partnership, especially with other Australian cities. In addition, its experience in safety and innovation was undoubtedly a factor.

We are delighted to have been chosen by the City of Perth to supply our electric scooters for this trial and thank them for their trust and support. It’s a wonderful city and our electric scooters will be a great way for locals and tourists alike to travel in a safe, convenient and environmentally friendly way. Elsewhere in Australia, they significantly reduce congestion and emissions while helping to boost the local economy.

Richard Hannah, Head of Australia and New Zealand at Neuron Mobility

The city of Perth will be Neuron’s third launch in Western Australia. Neuron’s e-scooters have been specifically designed for commercial quality, specifically for rental. Indeed, there are features specific to this use case. These include state-of-the-art safety features such as an app-controlled helmet lock, voice guidance, Follow My Ride, emergency button and rollover detection. This will reassure users, but also public services.

Electric scooters with high added value…

Neuron’s electric scooters help to reduce car use and thus traffic jams. They also improve air quality and stimulate the local economy. According to its Shared Rides, Shared Wealth research, two-thirds of Neuron e-scooter trips result in a purchase from a local business across Australia. According to the results, each Neuron e-scooter contributes $70,000 to local economies per year. In fact, riders spend an average of $A65 at local businesses per trip.

Riders will be able to unlock and operate the electric scooters via the intuitive Neuron app, available on the App Store or Google Play. Single rides will cost $1 AUD to unlock the electric scooter and 45 cents per minute thereafter. Frequent users will have the option to purchase Neuron passes. These will allow users to ride for up to 90 minutes per day, all for just $3.30. In addition, there will be no unlocking fee. Perth passengers will also benefit from Neuron Access. An pass which offers up to 50% off the weekly and monthly pass for concession card holders.

Safety first

New users of Neuron must sign up for a comprehensive list of driving rules before they can make their first trip. All this information appears regularly in the app. In addition, it offers voice guidance and even stickers on the scooters with key do’s and don’ts. Users can also visit the company’s educational platform ScootSafe Academy. An industry-leading interactive online school with city-specific training content. Its goal? To educate users. In short, Neuron Mobility will work with the City of Perth to provide a safe, convenient and environmentally friendly service for the city’s residents. A new implementation that will certainly not be the last in the land of kangaroos.

About Neuron Mobility

In 2016, Zachary Wang and Harry Yu founded Neuron Mobility in Singapore. They expand very quickly in Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia. Following this, the company quickly refocuses to focus on Australia and New Zealand. Neuron Mobility is now the leading electric scooter rental and micromobility technology developer in the region. Their orange electric scooters are unique, designed and built with safety and rental in mind. Built to commercial standards, they are more powerful and durable than standard models.

The company has introduced an impressive number of industry firsts and pioneering innovations, including electric scooter battery swapping, geographical monitoring and integrated helmets. Neuron now operates in 16 cities across Australia, including Brisbane, Darwin, Adelaide, Canberra, Townsville, Bundaberg, Rockhampton, Hobart, Ballarat, Melbourne, Frankston, Perth, Sydney, Yeppoon and Busselton. The company also launched in New Zealand in January 2020, the UK in October 2020 and Canada in June 2021.