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MOVE 2020: Two days full of exchange and sharing for Lyko

At the beginning of February, MOVE, the unmissable mobility trade fair, was held, this year’s theme being MaaS. Throwback on this new edition where we had the chance to be invited as an exhibitor!

MOVE, l’événement marquant de la mobilité

On 11 and 12 February, one of the world’s largest mobility trade fairs, MOVE, took place. It describes itself as “the world’s most important mobility event where mobility is reinvented”. For the past two years, the exhibition has been bringing together all the mobility players in more than 100,000 m2 of the English congress centre, ExCeL London. In a few figures, MOVE 2020 is :

10 000





Exhibitors & startups

It should also be pointed out that this year a “startup village” was created. Located in the heart of the exhibition, 250 startups met to present their projects and exchange with leading mobility professionals. Several companies were thus able to try out their products in a fun way. In particular, visitors were able to test electric scooters/electric bikes, remote-controlled cars, virtual reality, and many other innovations.

Lyko, selected for the Startup Village – MOVE 2020

Invited to join the startup village, we were lucky enough to be asked to participate in the second edition of MOVE. Indeed, as a MaaS API provider, we have developed a powerful technological toolbox, allowing companies to create, improve or integrate in their platforms, more than 1200 mobility services. Via a simple API, we provide them with various functionalities, such as algorithms for calculating intermodal journeys or direct and secure access to the reservation/ticketing systems of our partner transport operators, present throughout Europe. For more information, please visit our website.

Located in the heart of the Startup Village, precisely Stand S79, our presence at the show became a real strategic interest. Indeed, we are not going to hide it from you. Taking part in MOVE 2020 has largely enabled us to identify and exchange with our potential competitors and customers. Between emulation of ideas and sharing of experience, we very quickly felt close to the other exhibitors. This was particularly helpful with the 1m2 of stand space, which naturally brought us closer together. 🙂

An opportunity to meet the mobility ecosystem

As previously mentioned, MOVE 2020 was an opportunity to exchange ideas with potential investors, technological partners, mobility providers, etc. No sooner had we arrived at the exhibition than several major groups, both public and private, noticed us directly, such as the SNCF and CityWay. Despite the language barrier, we still managed to discuss possible synergies. We also met press publishers interested in our sector and activity. As expressed by our Head of product Igor it was “the opportunity to develop our network. »

In conclusion, MOVE 2020 was extremely rich in learning for Lyko. We would like to thank again the whole MOVE team for their invitation and support. As an exhibitor, we were able to learn more about our market. All these different meetings allowed us to reassure ourselves about our positioning. With an ideal Time To Market, we are now convinced that we will arrive on the market at the most opportune moment. There is interest in our technology and we are even more inclined and motivated to go further.

So, we’ll see you next year, with even more novelties to present to you!