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Mobility events not to be missed in 2020

Article updated on 05/13/2020

From Israel to Canada, via France, many mobility fairs are organized around the world. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, many events planned for the coming weeks have been cancelled or postponed. As mobility experts, we have compiled the list of mobility events with the new dates communicated by the organizers. The program includes 10 events around Mobility as a Service, Mobility on Demand, Smart City, Intelligent Transport, Electric Mobility, and many others.

Middle East Rail

Middle East Rail 2020

Middle East Rail is one of the largest rail shows for the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. Indeed, it brings together more than 5000 visitors and 300 exhibitors. It should be noted that Middle East Rail is associated with Middle East Smart Mobility, an exhibition focused on innovation in urban transport.

EcoMotion Smart Mobility Community

EcoMotion Smart Mobility Community

For the eighth time, EcoMotion 2020 will bring together the world’s leading companies from the Smart Mobility and Smart City sector. Growing from 200 visitors from Israel to more than 5,000 visitors from all over the world, it has become a major global event for intelligent mobility. The theme of this 2020 edition: “Creating the perfect balance between startups and industry players by breaking the mold of mobility innovation”.

Movin'on  Summit


World Summit on Sustainable Mobility, Movin’on is made possible thanks to the endowment funds of the Movin’On Sustainable Mobility Fund with C2 as an organizing partner. Nicknamed “the Davos of Mobility” by Le Figaro, it brings together for 3 days more than 5000 participants from the “academic, political, municipal and business worlds”.


Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress (ITSWC)

An annual world congress since 1994,, ITSWC aims at promoting Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), making the movement of people, data and freight safer. The theme of this 27th edition: “The New Age of Mobility”, including MaaS, MOD, Smart City, Connected Vehicles, etc., will be discussed.


A unique event highlighting “new professions, new uses and new technologies”, the BlendWebMix is characterized as “the Shaker of digital”. With more than 2,000 participants, over 100 speakers, more than 50 events, this 9th edition will be 100% focused on mobility. Web mobility, agility, globalization, and of course MaaS.



Announced as the “international exhibition of urban and sustainable mobility solutions”, Autonomy is more than 8000 visitors, 70 countries represented, 200 exhibitors and 150 speakers. An event that revolves around MaaS, micro-mobility, shared mobility, new mobilities, mobility plans and finally urban logistics.


Asia Pacific Rail

Bringing together rail professionals for more than 21 years, Asia Pacific Rail is one of Asia’s leading rail industry events. With experts from the railway sector, the event “will cover exciting developments in rail freight, main lines, high speed rail and metros.”

EUMO EXPO - European Mobility Expo- salon mobilire Paris

European Mobility Expo

EUMO EXPO is the leading biennial exhibition for all key players in public transport and sustainable mobility across Europe. It brings together more than 11,000 highly qualified participants over three days in Paris. The aim: to exchange on the latest innovations in the field of mobility. To find out more, do not hesitate to consult our special article on EUMO EXPO.


inOut 3ème édition : Explorateur des nouvelles mobilités

At the initiative of the Rennes Metropolis, inOut has had the mission for 2 years to bring together all forms of mobility, “at the same time a resource centre, a platform for experimentation, a network of players and a professional event”. With more than 16,500 visitors and 1,500 exhibitors, this free event brings together all those who are sensitive to the mobility of tomorrow.

Electric Road - salon mobilite

Electric Road

For this sixth edition, Electric Road is now recognized as the “expert forum on mobility change”. With the aim of promoting electric mobility, the program of this event includes the electrification of public transport, the advent of gyropods, the service stations of the future, EPZs, etc.

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