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Metaverse: a growth lever in the mobility sector?

The metaverse is a relatively new concept that refers to an immersive online experience where users interact in a three-dimensional virtual world. While this technology is still in development, it has the potential to transform many aspects of everyday life, including mobility. Find out in this article how to leverage the metaverse in the mobile world…

An experience more than appreciated

How could the metaverse change the world of mobility? For starters, it could allow companies to model their vehicle in a virtual world so that users can try out / experience all its features, online, without leaving home. This is a boon for companies, as we are entering a world where the least effort can quickly become a chore. And brands have understood this, like Karita and its Metavers Mobility project, because yes, companies seen in the metaverse would be seen in a good light by their users. More and more people don’t want to move around anymore and want everything as fast as possible, as Uber EAT, so the companies that will be able to offer this system would logically push the users of the metaverse to buy their product seen and tested beforehand.

Indeed, the latter will have access to a multitude of information, which will be used later to fine-tune their product. Thus, companies will be able to have an overview of what users look at first and what they do once installed (what they would potentially do with the car in the metaverse is also key data). This can then bring several areas of improvement so that the product perfectly matches the users.

But that’s not all, they will also be able to watch the behavior of users in autonomous driving. Whether it is physical or mental, let me explain…

Let’s imagine that with a suit, you could make people feel a part of the events experienced in the metaverse, which could show how different types of users react to shock. After that, the company only has to adapt its product so that everything is optimal even in case of a serious fall.

The meta-verse also allows giving an idea with fewer consequences. Indeed, it is more prudent to launch the virtual project to see if it is a success or not, then analyze it and launch it in real life, if the project is profitable. A bit like the digital twins we talked about recently.

But that’s not all, the metaverse can also be effective in the field of car maintenance. Let’s imagine that automotive specialists and mechanics all meet around a single vehicle in order to search for a possible breakdown or possible areas of improvement without having to travel.

The metaverse, a marketing ace

However, the metaverse opens the doors to marketing more than to other sectors of a company. Indeed, the metaverse is a tool that should boost your visibility, nevertheless, its impact on the turnover remains indirect, and then this project remains quite expensive. The goal of the metaverse is to offer the best possible user experience in order to transform a user into a customer. Let’s see how the metaverse could help you boost and engage your community.

Firstly, it will be possible to offer the best customer experience. A totally immersive experience where the user will be able to gather all the information they are looking for in no time because they will be directly in contact with the product. He will be able to try the product directly, which is not necessarily possible in a store (with the example of cars).

Users will be invited by a brand to offer a more realistic and personalized experience. They will also be able to access conferences/webinars to be as informed as possible about the product. In this sense, the customer will feel more concerned and involved.

But that’s not all, because companies can set up a reward system with NFTs so that the user feels a sense of belonging and duty towards that brand. Indeed, there is a big shot to play around NFTs because it is a rising star in marketing, with an incentive launch via NFTs. Brands will be able to engage their community and boost their visibility considerably. Indeed, the more a customer will be satisfied, the more he will talk about it around him.

You will have understood that metaverse would be an excellent way to enrich today’s mobility with data, even if it remains quite hard to implement. What is sure is that the metaverse is far from handicapping mobility, on the contrary, it will bring another experience and point of view to everyday mobility…