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#3 Summer Stop: Technologies that will revolutionize their industry

In a world of constant technological change, the emergence of revolutionary new advances promises to profoundly transform our industries and our daily lives. These ‘disruptive technologies’ are emerging like a tidal wave, ready to shake up established sectors and shape an innovative future. From AI to payment methods, from smart cities to Web 3.0, this article takes you on an exciting journey through these innovations that are sure to revolutionize their sector. In this third installment of Summer Stop, discover four technologies that are set to shake up their respective fields…

Face Pay in the Russian metro: real achievement or invasion of privacy?

For many people, facial recognition is only used to unlock their mobile phone. Moscow is well ahead of this technology by offering a more singular means of payment. Indeed, Moscow uses facial recognition as a means of payment for journeys on public transport. A revolutionary concept that may attract crowds in the coming years…

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Hivemapper announced as the Google Maps of Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is a domain that is not always understood by the public and remains a bit vague, but for others, it represents the future, but also a very great business opportunity and the start-up Hivemapper has understood it well. Indeed, it aims to become a decentralized Google Maps.

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The digital twin a revolution for the world of mobility

Submerging in novelty frequently, it is often complicated for a city to make a choice. With AI, Big Data, Smart Mobility, IoT, MaaS, it’s hard to know where to look… However, there is technology that will solve many problems. Indeed, the digital twins, seen as a revolutionary solution, are the future of technology. Within a few years, digital twins are likely to become a staple in many sectors…

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Metaverse: a growth lever in the mobility sector?

Metaverse is an immersive online experience where users can interact in a 3D virtual world. Although this technology is still very recent, it has almost unlimited business potential, as it can transform many aspects of everyday life. So why not develop mobility in metaverse? Indeed, with the many possibilities, why not seize the opportunity of mobility?

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That’s the end of this third Summer Stop, but we’ll be back next Wednesday for your Summer Stop No. 4: How is Mobility as a Service (MaaS) changing? Stay tuned until then.