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MaaS: Umob revolutionizes mobility in the Netherlands

The mobility landscape in the Netherlands is undergoing a revolutionary change… For the first time, a MaaS platform fully integrates all micro-mobility operators on its platform. And the chosen one is none other than the Mobility as a Service platform Umob. Based in Rotterdam, it has recently expanded its offerings significantly through a strategic partnership with Check. Discover more about this promising alliance that will revolutionize the travels of the Dutch…

A complete integration of urban mobility

Umob stands out as the first MaaS platform in the Netherlands to offer full integration of shared electric scooter providers and more… In fact, it will offer users access to an impressive fleet of 50,000 vehicles. This number includes previously integrated providers such as Felyx, GO Sharing, and other transportation options… Among them, we find public transportation, taxis, and shared bicycles. This major breakthrough marks a significant step in the development of accessible and sustainable urban mobility for all in the Netherlands. By bringing all transportation services under one app, Umob offers users a smooth travel experience without the need to juggle between different accounts or worry about variable fares.

It is crucial that mobility options in cities and provinces are a viable alternative to owning one’s own vehicle. The goal is to ensure that there is always a travel option within a three-minute walk. Shared scooters play a key role in achieving this goal in urban areas. Umob’s strategy of bringing all shared scooters under one roof effectively solves this problem by offering users reliable access to transportation.


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Umob’s European expansion

Umob’s ambition extends beyond the Dutch borders, with plans to expand its coverage to the entire Europe. This alliance with Check will increase the number of vehicles available to 50,000 by 2024. These are distributed in major European cities such as Barcelona, Brussels, Lisbon, Paris, Madrid, Milan, and Rome. By partnering with international providers such as Cooltra, Bolt, and Donkey Republic, Umob aims to expand its offerings to 300,000 vehicles by the end of 2024. An ambitious goal that would position Umob as the platform offering the widest range of transport options in Europe.

Solutions are being sought across Europe to address mobility challenges within and between major cities. Our platform is part of this solution, which is why we believe it is important to be able to offer our service internationally. By working closely with international mobility providers, we can quickly expand our offerings and provide the benefits of our MaaS app in multiple countries.


The vision for a more sustainable future

Umob’s vision goes beyond simply offering a variety of transport options. The MaaS platform aims to play a major role in addressing today’s urban challenges. Such as traffic congestion, CO2 emissions, and excessive parked cars. By providing a simple and accessible alternative to owning a vehicle, Umob contributes to the transition to a more sustainable urban mobility. With a total investment of 8 million euros since its inception, Umob has attracted investors’ attention with its ambitious vision. This financial injection underscores their confidence in Umob’s mission and potential to offer a practical, sustainable, and accessible solution for urban travel.

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