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Lyon: the cost of parking is now determined by the weight of the vehicle

Announced last May, Lyon’s new parking policy comes into force today. Families, professionals, occasional travelers – everyone is affected by this major change… From now on, the price of parking in the city will be calculated according to the weight of the vehicle. The aim? To encourage the use of lighter, less polluting vehicles, while making the city greener and more pleasant to live in…

Environmentally-friendly pricing

In its fight against the excessive use of cars, Lyon’s ecologist city council has introduced new parking charges. The measure, which came into force on Tuesday, is designed to discourage the use of bulky vehicles, which consume more fuel and generate more pollution. Valentin Lungenstrass, deputy mayor of Lyon with responsibility for mobility, describes the system as ‘fairer and more progressive’, since it takes account of the weight of your vehicle. In concrete terms, the heavier your car, the more you will pay to park. Conversely, drivers of light vehicles will benefit from reduced parking rates, which could encourage a gradual shift towards more environmentally-friendly modes of transport.

New parking charges

Solidarity pricing, SUVs penalized, electric vehicles favored: here are the new pricing structures:

  • Reduced rate : For internal combustion vehicles weighing less than 1000 kg and electric vehicles weighing less than 2100 kg. This category also includes a solidarity tariff. The solidarity tariff, aimed at supporting 50% of Lyon households and 60% of families, is intended for households with at least three dependent children and a reference tax income per unit of less than €13,800 per year.
  • Standard rate: Applicable to internal combustion vehicles weighing between 1,000 and 1,525 kg and rechargeable hybrid vehicles weighing between 1,000 and 1,900 kg.
  • Enhanced rate: For combustion vehicles weighing more than 1,525 kg, rechargeable hybrids weighing more than 1,900 kg and electric vehicles weighing more than 2,100 kg.

The new rates apply to various types of parking. For example, the monthly resident rate, previously set at 20 euros, is now 15 euros for the reduced rate, 30 euros for the standard rate and 45 euros for the premium rate. For visitors, rates are adjusted according to the weight of the vehicle and the length of the parking period. One hour costs 1 euro for the reduced rate, 2 euros for the standard rate and 3 euros for the increased rate. A simulator is available to find out which category your vehicle falls into, based on its number plate and your tax income.

Professionals also affected

These changes also affect professionals, particularly those in the health sector and tradespeople… The current rates for healthcare professionals (€120 or €240 per year) are being maintained, but extended to other professions. These include home helps, chiropodists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, veterinary surgeons, osteopaths and psychometricians. For urgent repairs, the Town Hall wishes to introduce a simplified annual subscription. This will include new professions and take account of vehicle fleets.

Lyon encourages sustainable mobility

By adapting the cost of parking to the weight of vehicles, Lyon is hoping to encourage its residents to opt for lighter cars, which are less polluting. This initiative is part of a wider framework of ecological transition and the fight against urban pollution. As well as reducing CO2 emissions, this measure also aims to reduce wear and tear on road infrastructure. This would contribute to more sustainable and economic management of municipal resources. This change marks an important step in Lyon’s efforts to promote more sustainable and responsible mobility. It has already inspired Paris, and could well influence other cities to follow suit…