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Lyon: First city in France to penalize parking for the heaviest and most polluting vehicles

Imagine determining the price of a parking lot according to the income of the motorist and the weight and motorization of his vehicle? This is the new strategy that the city of Lyon will soon adopt. Indeed, the ecologists at the head of the metropolis announced a shocking measure in their latest press release. Indeed, they will implement a “more progressive and fairer pricing system” as of 2024. A monthly parking fee, until now based on a single price. Namely, €20 per month for the resident subscription. A model that should evolve into the creation of three new subscription categories. Zoom on this proactive parking policy, which aims to “encourage the use of more fuel-efficient and less polluting vehicles”…

“A fair sharing of public space”

Fair pricing, penalized SUVs, favored electric vehicles… This is what Lyon residents should expect by next year. A new pricing system that is both ecological and supportive, launched by the Metropolis of Lyon by 2024. Ecological by penalizing heavier and more polluting vehicles, and supportive by taking into account the financial and family situation of residents. These are two key aspects that led to the development of a progressive fare structure. A model including three new monthly formulas for residents and visitors :

  • Reduced rate of 15€ per month for low-income households and owners of electric vehicles (Green Crit’air) and city cars weighing less than 1000 kg
  • Standard rate of 30€ per month for owners of thermal vehicles from 1000 to 1725 kg, as well as rechargeable hybrids up to 1900 kg.
  • Higher rate of 45€ per month for owners of thermal vehicles weighing more than 1725 kg, rechargeable hybrids weighing more than 1900 kg and “green air” vehicles weighing more than 2200 kg.

The perfect illustration of the “polluter pays” principle! A policy that makes Lyon the first metropolis in France to introduce a pricing system that penalizes the most polluting cars. It responds to the challenges of the Citizens’ Climate Convention. A report stated that “heavier vehicles have a much greater impact on the climate. They consume more fuel, they require more materials to build […] and they occupy more public space, to the detriment of other less polluting modes of transport.”

Adaptation of pricing for professionals as well

In addition to this progressive pricing for residents and visitors, the City of Lyon is also planning a change in parking rates for professionals. For many years, certain professionals have been able to benefit from the “Pro Health” and “Pro urgent repairs” packages. These two special packs are aimed at mobile health professionals and urgent repair companies. The aim : to simplify their daily travel. A completely rethought parking policy, integrating both the creation of an annual formula and the integration of new trades.

Faced with a wide variety of automobile uses, it is indeed progressiveness that is the fairest solution, whether for professionals, residents or visitors. Faced with the challenges of public space congestion and the climate emergency, the observation is that motorized vehicles are getting heavier and bigger.


Thus, professionals working in “urgent repairs” will be offered a new annual subscription. Added to this, “the opening to new health professions”, while maintaining the current model of the “Pro Santé device”. An annual subscription based on the number of visits made by the professional. And finally, the creation of two new preferential annual subscriptions “Pro Building site and Pro artisan-commercial”. Various measures, all of which include the introduction of an incentive rate for electric commercial vehicles.

A measure in Lyon that already divides

“Top on the principle, after the threshold is debatable.” “What I see above all is that 75% of the population will pay 30€ instead of 20€. Ecological makeup for a disguised increase” “Once again a social filtering.”, “How does a parked car pollute?” “Most electric SUVs go under the radar”… Here is a selection of some tweets reacting to this announcement. A wave of criticism that has also taken hold of the political scene. Indeed, some elected officials of Lyon did not wait to react and expose their opposition. This was notably the case of Pierre Oliver, LR mayor of the 2nd district of Lyon, to the newspaper Le Progrès.

This new measure aims to drive families away from Lyon and will continue to accentuate the closure of classes.

Pierre Oliver, LR mayor of the 2nd district of Lyon

Different opinions raising the question of a possible injustice in front of this measure, nevertheless, welcomed by many. A measure perceived as “a good first step” and “a victory for air quality and social justice”. It remains to follow all this, to discover how this pricing will be implemented. And this, in particular at the level of the control of the weight of vehicle or of the verbalization…