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LYKO, winner of the Paris Air Forum Trophy 2019

A month ago, the 6th edition of the Paris Air Forum took place. Created in 2014 by the ADP Group, La Tribune and Forum Media, the Paris Air Forum brings together a succession of debates and conferences involving major decision-makers and experts from the aeronautics, defense and space sectors. In this article, Lyko looks back on this day full of surprises.

Decoding today’s and tomorrow’s challenges

During the Paris Air Forum held on June 14th, the air industry professionals gathered around the theme: DATA Revolution. Unmanned aircraft, AI, Wi-Fi, improved customer experience … Airlines and OEMs gave their vision on the evolution of the market. The topics discussed during this event were connectivity, especially with Wi-Fi onboard aircraft. Air France, for example, aims to connect all its planes to a Wi-Fi network by 2020.

Another subject discussed during this day of conferences was the aircraft of the future. “We are at a time when we are developing technologies to promote electric transport. They are not yet mature, but we have to move fast. A lot of things are happening in other industries, some of them applicable to the air market and others not because they don’t allow an airplane to fly,” said Guillaume Faury, Chairman and CEO of Airbus.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the importance of data were also at the heart of the debate. “Data is a very valuable source that can help several technologies such as biometrics and AI. In the long term, they could possibly make it possible to assign a numerical identifier as soon as the ticket is purchased. Passengers will thus be able to be recognized throughout the security journey and will no longer need to carry a physical ticket or even their passport,” said Patrice Caine, CEO of Thales.

Lyko, winner of innovation contest

On this occasion, the Lyko team is proud to have won the 2019 trophy of the Paris Air Forum innovation contest after a selection among a hundred startups.

This prize was awarded by ADP from the hands of Mr Jean-Christophe TORTORA, President of La Tribune, in the presence of the Minister of Transport Elisabeth Borne. Indeed, it testifies to the growing interest of the aeronautics industry in new forms of mobility, particularly with the MaaS (Mobility as a Service) solution, which is expected to develop strongly over the next few years.

In a few words, Lyko, the toolbox, 100% MaaS oriented

Originally 100% Lyon-based, Lyko is now well-known on the API MaaS market. Launched less than a month ago, Lyko has been able to develop the most powerful and flexible technologies to deploy or enhance a MaaS platform. From developing reservation platforms to integrating new mobility operators, Lyko provides everything you need to deploy the most fluid and ergonomic mobility platform possible.

In less than 10 minutes, you can integrate more than 2,500 international transport operators on your own platform. From intermodal planning to payment, access public transport booking systems (buses, metros, trams, etc.) and private transport (scooters, VTC, trains, taxis, etc.). The goal: To offer your users simpler and more fluid mobility. To have more information, do not hesitate to visit our web site lyko.tech