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LYKO, winner of Digital InPulse 2019 by Huawei

The 2019 Digital InPulse Awards Ceremony was held on October 1st. Rewarded by Huawei, we are proud to announce that we received the second prize of the Jury, behind Meersens. For the past 5 years, this competition has been aimed at helping French start-ups to develop their project abroad. A look back on the highlights of this evening, rich in emotions.

Digital InPulse, in a few words

Launched by the famous Chinese group Huawei, Digital InPulse is above all an exchange and support program for French start-ups. In partnership with Business France, the Comité Richelieu and the Métropoles French Tech, it has been rewarding innovative young companies in the field of mobility every year since 2014. In five years, Digital InPulse has rewarded no less than 50 start-ups. Now, members of the Digital InPulse Alumni, have been supported all year round. And thus benefit from the sound advice of Huawei’s experts and its partners.

Smart IOT for SmartCity” in the spotlight this year

You may not be familiar with the term “Smart IOT”. For starters, it brings together the notions of Smart City and connected objects. This translates into the exploitation of new solutions that allow us to move as far as possible towards sustainable mobility in the service of smart cities. This has become an essential element for the city of tomorrow and is a real challenge launched by Digital InPulse. A challenge was successfully taken up by Lyko and the 9 other selected start-ups.

As a reminder, Lyko’s ambition is to want to change the mobility habits of users. All this with the aim of reducing the number of private cars in the long term, especially in cities. Through a powerful API with nearly 1200 mobility services worldwide. Public transport, VTC, bicycle, taxi, car-sharing, carpooling,… We want to offer more convenient, interconnected and sustainable mobility, everywhere and for everyone. Thus, users will be able to plan, compare and book intermodal trips in a single payment. An innovative solution that has won over Huawei and Digital InPulse ! To find out more about our MaaS solution, don’t hesitate to visit our website.

Reward: A week’s immersion in China.

The 10 selected start-ups, including Lyko, will have the chance to take off for China on October 19. On the program: 7 days to discover the ecosystem of Hong Kong and Schenzhen, the location of Huawei’s headquarters. A week punctuated by meetings with potential local partners or investors, exchanges with experts in the IoT and Smart City sector, start-ups established in China and the Huawei headquarters team. Real opportunity for Lyko, it’s a good bet we’re going to come back grown up from this experience.