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“Look, book and pay” the MaaS solution from Moovit and Cubic Transportation System

Since their strategic partnership concluded at the beginning of the year, Cubic Corporation’s commercial division, CTS (Cubic Transportation Systems) and Moovit have combined their expertise to develop their MaaS (Mobility as a Service) offer, via Traveler. A Cubic’s application based on Moovit’s MaaS APIs for public transport operators. A look back at this union between two totally complimentary groups, eager to revolutionize the public transport and MaaS sector.

Moovit & Cubic’s common goal : Simplifying the travel experience

As stated in the introduction, Moovit and Cubic have joined forces to revolutionize the travel experience. How? Starting with optimizing Traveler, Cubic’s mobility application. From integrating Moovit’s multi-modal travel planning APIs to Cubic’s contactless payment systems, public transport operators all sizes can now offer a seamless, end-to-end mobility experience.

As stated by Bradley H.Feldmann, President and CEO of Cubic Corporation, ” The integration of Moovit’s multimodal journey planning into Cubic’s industry-leading mobile ticketing and payment offering in the Traveler Application from our Mobile Suite will offer a one-of-a-kind platform with a seamless, highly differentiated user experience.” Moovit’s co-founder and CEO, Nir Erez added, ” Enabling people to plan and pay for mobility services – through one app – makes getting around much easier, and will help shift them from using private cars to public and shared transportation. We look forward to growing our partnership with Cubic and co-creating solutions to make transit frictionless for riders everywhere.”

A 360 solution designed for public transport operators

In order to maximize the user experience, Moovit and CTS have also integrated other services. Indeed, their MaaS solution includes :

  • Next Bus, a real-time passenger information system.
  • TouchPass, a cloud-based ticketing solution.
  • Cubic Interactive, a loyalty, incentive, and advertising platform. A functionality allowing transport operators to communicate with their users via push notifications, for example.
  • Cubic’s MaaS Marketplace

These platforms will also integrate real-time arrival information, digital engagement and incentives, and operator intelligence. According to Cubic’s press release, these services “will be made available to existing Cubic and Moovit customers.”