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Lisbon Metro crosses the million Contactless payments milestone

The Lisbon Metro is turning a new page in its history, as reported by the media Grande Consumo. By crossing the impressive milestone of one million contactless payments, it does more than just facilitate travel. Indeed, the Lisbon transportation network is distinctly redefining the standards of urban mobility. The implementation of contactless payment in the Lisbon Metro is not just a matter of convenience. It represents a significant step towards more sustainable and eco-friendly mobility. Let’s zoom in on this success, the result of a strategic collaboration between Unicre, Visa, and the Metropolitano de Lisboa…

Widespread adoption of contactless payment

Launched just in June 2023, the contactless payment system was quickly embraced by both residents and international visitors. Whether it be by card, smartphone, or connected watch, over 60% of transactions were made through these means. This habit is now deeply ingrained, reflecting the profound integration of this technology into the daily life of Lisbon’s inhabitants.

As an institution specializing in the management and provision of credit and payment services, we could not be happier to see this reciprocity from users and, most importantly, to see our solutions applied to the technological development of our country.

Fernando Carvalho, administrator at Unicre

He emphasizes the importance of meeting the evolving needs of consumers with innovative payment solutions. This trend is now pushing Unicre to consider expanding contactless technology to other regions and modes of public transport.

Aware of the strong potential of this type of solutions, at Unicre, we are assessing the possibility of extending this innovation to new geographical areas and different types of public transport, with the goal of making access to these infrastructures increasingly easy, fast, and practical.

Fernando Carvalho, administrator at Unicre

Flawless convenience

This advancement is not limited to user convenience. Gonçalo Santos Lopes from Visa Portugal highlights the impact of this system on the efficiency and attractiveness of public transport. The contactless payment has also contributed to an ecological approach.

These figures underline the importance of this payment solution for the city of Lisbon, as it serves both residents and tourists. With technology, Visa, in partnership with the Lisbon Metro and Unicre, are contributing through digital payments to make public transport more efficient and attractive and, at the same time, help create a more ecological city.

Gonçalo Santos Lopes, Country Manager of Visa Portugal

Vítor Domingues dos Santos, at the helm of the Lisbon Metro, insists on the importance of this innovation. Indeed, this contactless payment system allows for modernizing the customer experience while reducing the ecological footprint.

When we concluded this partnership in the summer of 2023, the goal was to change the lives of those who use the Metropolitano, to facilitate access for all our customers, and to significantly reduce the use of paper, thereby contributing to decarbonization and environmental sustainability.

Vítor Domingues dos Santos, President of the Board of Directors of the Metropolitano de Lisboa