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In Paris, free parking for two-wheelers is over!

A big change for the return of vacation, drivers will have to adapt… In fact, the two-wheelers engines will have to pay for parking in Paris. This measure is being applied today. And for now, motorcyclists are showing their discontent rather than their adaptation. These are not the only ones, according to the many demonstrations held in the capital…

Bye Bye to the two-wheelers engine in Paris

Two-wheelers are an environmental plague, accounting for 25% of pollution peak emissions. After that, the City of Paris decided to take action in order to significantly reduce the use of two-wheelers engines. From this Thursday, the parking of this vehicle will no longer be free. This measure encourages the use of less polluting vehicles. But then how is it going? First, two-wheelers engines must be stationed on paid areas common to cars or on the 42,000 allocated places.

1 scooter on a sidewalk = 1 parking ticket. However, electric two-wheelers, people with disabilities, and home helpers can park for free. More, the City of Paris has set up a residential subscription of €22.50 per year. To obtain it, a virtual platform is accessible from June 27th, 2022.

A new measure which divides the capital

After this new measure, the inhabitants of the capital have expressed their views whether on social networks, on TV, or during riots. While some talk about “racketeering conspiracy” others even declare “Somebody had to pay for the Olympics games”. This theory is not so crazy, because in 2016 the cost of the Olympic games was estimated at €6.2 billion. An amount that has finally surpassed the bar of €7 billion in early 2022.

However, not all reviews are negative, some Parisians support this cause.

“The two-wheel engine are dangerous, noisy, accident-prone […] We have some transports communes, and now have bike networks and EAB. They stop using it and end this mess ”. “The parking is only charged for thermal two-wheel engines. Then those who are unhappy should use an electric motorcycle”.

What do you think about it? The debate around this measure is yet to come.