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European Bolt expands into South Asia

Bolt, which started in Estonia in 2013, has grown into a global ride-sharing company operating in more than 150 cities around the world. The company has quickly gained popularity in Europe, Africa and Latin America, offering an affordable and reliable transportation service. Bolt wants to go even further and expand further, so they decided to expand into the country where carpooling is notorious…

Continuous growth

European ride-sharing company Bolt has announced their expansion into Nepal, offering locals a new transportation option. Bolt’s launch in Nepal represents a strategic expansion for the company as it continues its global growth. Nepal is a growing market for ride-sharing services, with increasing demand for safer and more affordable transportation solutions.

Bolt’s ride-sharing service will allow people in Nepal to get around cities easily and quickly, using private shared vehicles. Drivers will be Bolt’s local, self-employed partners who will be trained to provide a superior service to the app’s users.

The launch of Bolt in Nepal will also benefit the local economy, providing additional work opportunities for drivers while strengthening the tourism industry.

A trusted solution!

The company further stated that it will implement additional safety measures to ensure that drivers and passengers are protected throughout their journey. Users will also be able to share their route in real time with friends and family for added peace of mind.

Bolt’s decision to expand to Nepal is a testament to the company’s focus on safety and quality of service for its users, while providing convenient and affordable transportation solutions.

Bolt’s ride-sharing service is now available in Nepal, providing a reliable and affordable transportation alternative for urban residents. With superior service and enhanced security, users can now travel with confidence and convenience through the Bolt app.