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COSMO CONNECTED, the French start-up that combines mobility with security

Representing France at CES 2020 in Las Vegas for the fourth consecutive year, the start-up Cosmo Connected took the opportunity to present its latest innovations. From glasses connected to the connected helmet, its main missions are to ensure road safety and better mobility for cyclists and motorcyclists. Zoom on these technological innovations of the French start-up.

Connected glasses for better visibility

Imagine for a moment connected eyewear, providing access to a wealth of information… As Romain Afflelou, CEO of Cosmo Connected, announced, “We are very proud to attend the CES in Las Vegas for the fourth consecutive year. It is a strong symbol of our willingness to innovate, to enrich our range of connected products. The launch of our new connected eyewear is the result of the work of our R&D teams, who are harnessing the power of technology for safety. »

© Cosmo Connected

Totally futuristic, these are based on the ActiveLook display system from the Grenoble-based company Microoled. Already used on Julbo’s EVAD-1 connected pair of glasses, this eyewear now includes a screen, initially projecting images onto a mirror, before reflecting everything back onto the glass. Thus, it is now possible for cyclists to know their speed, their distance or even the direction to follow. In order to offer better safety, all this information is displayed in the cyclist’s field of vision, allowing him or her to keep their eyes on the road.

Also note that additional information may be displayed such as the flashing light, or blind spot sensors to warn the cyclist of a possible danger. At this time, the date of release of these goggles has not yet been communicated. Only the selling price is known, i.e. 250 euros.

Connected helmet to help with information gathering

Another high-tech gadget from Cosmo Connected presented at CES 2020: The Cosmo Ride. Expert in the manufacturing of connected helmets, the French start-up is today recognized for offering better mobility and more security. Indeed, this year Cosmo Connected has just presented its Cosmo ride, a helmet integrating traffic lights. Equipped with “ultra-powerful” LEDs, the helmet has 4 different settings: brake lights, position lights, hazard lights and turn signals.

As an option, it is also possible to add a small remote control directly on the handlebars. This allows the user to signal his movements. This way, for greater safety, both hands will be permanently on the handlebars. Finally, the latest technology, a fall detection system, directly integrated into the helmet. If the cyclist falls, after 3 minutes an alert message is sent to his family and friends. Linked to a geolocation application, they can locate his position in order to help him.

An international vision…

In order to expand its distribution throughout Asia, Cosmo Connected has recently partnered with Toyota Tsusho. The Japanese trading house aims to ensure safety for users throughout the country. Another target market is the United States. The young French company has joined forces with Uber Eat. With the recent introduction of a loyalty program, the American giant has set itself the goal of improving the safety of its couriers. This was made possible thanks to Cosmo Connected equipment. For the moment, only the cities of New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Miami have been selected to integrate the “CosmoUberUS”.