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Buying metro tickets via WhatsApp launched in 4 cities in India

Imagine being able to buy your metro ticket or recharge your pass from home? Well, it is now possible in India. Indeed, four Indian metro service providers have been inspired by Uber, launching a new service via WhatsApp Business. Zoom on this feature that will most likely be adopted by millions of users…

One more step towards digitization…

Borrowed by hundreds of thousands of passengers every day, metro services in the cities of Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Pune in India are now a preferred mode of transportation. Increasingly connected, they make daily travel much smoother, safer, and more accessible for everyone. This last criterion has led to this association between WhatsApp and 4 metro networks. Namely, Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited, Mumbai Metro, Pune Metro and L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad Limited.

We are proud that India’s world-class metro services in several cities are now integrated on WhatsApp to bring convenience to commuters at their fingertips.


As simple as a hello…

And it’s the case to say it! Indeed, by sending a simple “Hi” on the WhatsApp chatbot, users have access to the ticketing service. A feature that allows users to book, buy, cancel or recharge their tickets. As soon as the message is sent, the user receives a link to proceed with the payment.

Accessible in the local language and in English, this new service also offers access to various passenger information. Among them, we find train schedules, routes, fares, maps, etc.,. A service that should probably be extended to other Indian networks, as declared by Ravi Garg to the Hindustan Times newspaper.