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BP invests in Whim, the MaaS app

As an expert in Mobility as a Service (MaaS), we couldn’t miss this latest development in the mobility sector. Indeed, the oil group BP Ventures has recently invested almost 10 million in the mobility application Whim. Zoom on this new collaboration.

Whim, the first MaaS application

Nicknamed “the Netflix of mobility”, the Finnish start-up MaaS Global has become a reference in the field of service mobility. With more than six million journeys made since its launch in 2017, its goal is to make everyday travel easier for its users. Available in Helsinki and Birmingham, the application is soon to arrive in Vienna in Austria and Antwerp in Belgium. In just a few clicks, it allows users to plan, book and pay for their trips, BY public transport, taxi, bicycle or rental car.

Proposing several packages, it has been able to offer its users greater flexibility when travelling. In Helsinki, for example, for €59.7/month, it has unlimited access to public transport and self-service bicycles. And for €499/month, they can switch to the “Whim Unlimited” formula. This includes unlimited access to all modes of transport. Public transport, rental cars, taxis and bicycles, all in one application.

On the way to new cities

Among the new investors of MaaS Global, BP Ventures has just joined the adventure, investing nearly €10 million. With nearly $500 million in investments, the oil group aims to identify high-potential, cutting-edge technology companies. BP Vice President of Advanced Mobility, Roy Williamson, described the collaboration as “an excellent example of BP’s vision for the future of transportation, mobility and integrated cities.

By 2030, the MaaS industry is expected to reach $500 billion. According to MaaS Global CEO Sampo Hietanen, these new investments will help them “to expand our business into new continents”. Indeed, with a total fund-raising of 53.7 million euros, the Finnish group wants to land in Asia (Singapore, Japan) and North America in 2020.

Lyko, the MaaS solution made in France

With our Mobillity as a Service toolbox, our mission is to facilitate the deployment and improvement of your own mobility solution. Ultra-complete, our platform not only allows you to propose the right mode of transport on a route, but above all to combine all transport options. All this with the aim of making daily and occasional trips faster, more economical and more sustainable. To learn more about our MaaS solution, please visit our website, lyko.tech.