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After Germany, Portugal adopts its own unlimited pass!

Climate Ticket, Deutchlandticket, Holland Travel Ticket… In recent years, many European countries have launched new initiatives to promote more sustainable, connected and accessible mobility for all. Portugal is one of them. On 1 August, Portugal launched the National Train Pass. Zoom in on the terms and conditions of this rail pass, available from any station ticket office…

A monthly subscription for less than €50

49 euros to be exact… That’s the monthly price of the National Train Pass. A new pass offering unlimited travel on all the country’s regional trains. And with no time restrictions. An offer relayed by the Schengen area portal as being eligible for “Portuguese and all Europeans, including tourists”. A subscription that can be activated by purchasing a CP card, for just 6 euros.

In order to have the National pass, people must hold a CP Client card, which can be requested at the ticket offices presenting the following documents: An official identification document (Citizen Card, Identity Card, Driving license or Passport); a current (original) passport-type colour photograph.

Schengen portal

A few restrictions to note…

Although this precious sesame offers freedom of movement, it does not include as many transport options as the Deutchlandticket. The latter includes both regional trains and public transport. In the case of Portugal, its railway pass does not include Intercity trains, inter-regional trains and Alfa Pendula TGVs. This list also includes urban trains operating in the Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra conurbations.

Some regional lines are also excluded. These include the Douro line (Régua-Pocinho), the Alentejo line (Pinhal Novo-Vila Nova de Baronia), the Southern line (Pinhal Novo-Tunes) and the Coimbra suburb (Coimbra-Figueira da Foz). We can only hope that, despite these few exceptions, Portugal will enjoy the same widespread success as the German Pass…