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A specific Green Deal to encourage car-sharing in Brussels

Also known as the Green Deal for Europe, the Green Deal is basically a political initiative of the European Union. Launched in 2019, it aims to combat climate change. The aim is to “transform the European economy into a low-carbon economy by 2050. An ideal also shared by Brussels Environment Minister Alain Maron (Ecolo) and Mobility Minister Elke Van den Brandt (Groen), who have just announced the imminent launch of a specific “Green Deal” to encourage the use of shared vehicles. We take a closer look at this inspiring initiative, which has the particularity of bringing together as many players as possible in the cause…

The urgent need to rethink mobility in Brussels

Today, Brussels is one of the most densely populated cities in Europe. As such, it faces a complex set of challenges in terms of urban mobility. Traffic congestion, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions… All problems that weigh heavily on the quality of life of the region’s inhabitants.

To meet these challenges, the Brussels authorities have decided to take action. The city has invested €400,000 in a Green Deal Inclusive Carsharing scheme. This aid is designed to encourage the use of shared cars and thus reduce the carbon footprint associated with travel.

The key measures of the Green Deal

The Green Deal for car sharing in Brussels will include a series of measures. Various initiatives aimed at stimulating the adoption of car-sharing. Among the actions planned are :

  • Expansion of shared car station networks: The Green Deal foresees a significant expansion in the number of shared car stations across the city, making shared vehicles more accessible to a greater number of Brussels residents.
  • Financial incentives: Financial incentives will be introduced to encourage citizens to share cars. These include reduced rates for frequent users and tax benefits for companies that also encourage their employees to use shared cars.
  • Awareness-raising campaigns: Awareness-raising campaigns will be launched to inform citizens about the benefits of car-sharing and encourage them to use it as an alternative to owning their own car.

The “Green Deal Inclusive Carsharing” is currently looking for “at least 50 local authorities, businesses and/or organizations with expertise in inclusion, sustainability, mobility… through their commercial or public activities”. All stakeholders can apply via the www.inclusivecarsharing.be portal. The Green Deal will start on 6 February 2024 and run for three years. If successfully implemented, it could serve as a model for other cities facing the same urban mobility challenges.

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