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The 29 fundraisings that marked mobility in 2023

Despite promising innovations, the mobility sector had a particularly difficult year. Leaders in micromobility were forced to lay off up to a quarter of their staff, and unsuspected buyout left their mark on the landscape. However, despite the many challenges, some start-ups have shown resilience and managed to close financing rounds of over 200 million euros…. Impressive, isn’t it? Find out more about the 29 fundraisings that have punctuated the mobility ecosystem over the past year!

29) Qinomic

QINOMIC aims to become a leader in the engineering of sustainable and innovative mobility, and a major retrofit equipment supplier. To this end, the French start-up raised a substantial sum of money last September. However, this sum will not be revealed until 2024.

  • Amount : unveiled in 2024
  • Investors : Willermin Group
  • Sector : Retrofit, Electric Mobility

28) Hoop carpool

In July, Hoop Carpool, the Madrid-based application that facilitates carpooling in and around major Spanish cities, received a 1.2 million euro investment to expand into Portugal, Mexico and Colombia.

  • Amount : 1,2 million
  • Investors : Ship2B Ventures, Banco Sabadell, FEI and AXIS, and 4Founders Capital
  • Sector : Shared Mobility

27) Lyko

Lyko, a technology provider specializing in the deployment of multimodal and MaaS solutions, raised 1.4 million euros in November from international investors. This financing will enable the young nugget to strengthen its API platform and accelerate its international development.

  • Amount : 1,4 million
  • Investors : Habert Dassault Finance, Afrimobility, Chochoy Invest, Bpifrance, Crédit Mutuel, Caisse d’Épargne, business angels
  • Sector : MaaS

26) BeeToGreen

BeeToGreen, a specialist in micromobility, supports companies and employees in their ecological transition. In September, the French startup announced that it had raised 1.6 million euros to significantly increase its workforce and continue its growth with key accounts.

  • Amount : 1.6 million
  • Investors : business angels, Tudigo, Bpifrance and France Active Métropole
  • Sector : Corporate Mobility

25) Beev

Beev, the electric vehicle sales and charging station installation platform for businesses and private customers, raised 3 million euros in November to further establish itself in France and develop new technologies to make switching to electric vehicles easier.

  • Amount : 3 million
  • Investors : Founders Future, le fonds d’amorçage de la Région Île-de-France, le Paris Region Venture Fund, VIA ID and Side.
  • Sector : Electric Mobility

24) Izix

Franco-Belgian start-up Izix, which specialises in managing office car parks and their mobility, raised €3 million last September. Its aim is to accelerate its expansion in France. Present in 150 buildings across Europe, Izix aims to equip 5,000 buildings by the end of 2025.

  • Amount : 3 million
  • Investors : Noia Capital, Brussels Region and several business angels
  • Sector : Corporate Mobility, Parking

23) Shohoz

Shohoz, a Bangladeshi online platform offering two-wheel VTC and meal delivery services, has expanded its range of services to include online booking of bus, train and event tickets. Confirmed as a super app, it recently concluded a second round of financing in June, raising 3.4 million euros.

  • Amount : 3,4 million
  • Investors : Golden Gate Ventures, Heritas Capital Management and Vostok new Venture
  • Sector : Super App, Ticketing

22) DouzePointCinq

The DouzePointCinq startup, which exploits unused parking spaces to park bicycles belonging to private individuals or delivery firms, raised 3.5 million euros in October. With this new capital, the French managers of this young nugget hope to accelerate their growth in several major French cities.

  • Amount : 3,5 million
  • Investors : La Poste Ventures, Takara Capital, Insead Business Angels, Femmes Business Angels , Consultim
  • Sector : Parking

21) Betterway

Betterway, the startup behind the first account dedicated to sustainable mobility for French employees, closed a €4 million financing round last January. Its aim is to accelerate the development of sustainable mobility in the workplace.

20) FairJungle

Fairjungle is a French start-up that develops SaaS-based business travel management software enabling companies to control the economic and ecological costs of business travel. The company raised 4 million euros in March 2023 to accelerate the commercialization of its platform in Europe.

19) Tolv

A pioneer in retrofitting, Tolv is a startup specializing in the conversion of internal combustion vehicles to electric power. After an initial round of €3 million in 2021, TOLV raised €6.5 million in July 2023. With its funds, it aims to produce 9,500 kits by 2027 and 40,000 by 2030.

  • Amount : 6,5 million
  • Investors : Amundi Finance et Solidarité, Shift4Good, Rhône Dauphiné Développement, Crédit Agricole
  • Sector : Retrofit, Electric Mobility

18) Kate

Kate, the French brand of electric micro-cars meeting the challenges of responsible mobility, closed a 7 million euro fundraising round in April 2023. Its aim is to accelerate the development of its K1 micro-car concept, which can accommodate up to four people and will be perfect for daily commuting.

17) Le Train

Le Train railway company aims to open up new connections, initially in the Greater West, to make it easier for local residents to get around. To achieve this, the company raised 8 million euros last July to create additional lines, enabling inter-regional travel without the need to change trains in Paris.

  • Amount : 8 million
  • Investors : Acquiti Gestion, la filiale du Crédit Agricole Charente Périgord Expansion, and NACO
  • Sector : Railway

16) Mob-Energy

Lyon-based deeptech, Mob-Energy, is accelerating its development with the closing of its €10 million fundraising round in July 2023. The aim is to accelerate the production and deployment of low-impact, efficient and circular recharging infrastructures..

  • Amount : 10 million
  • Investors : Axeleo Capital, Santander, Bpifrance, UI investissement, Crédit Agricole, le Fonds Energies CMA CGM, EIT InnoEnergy
  • Sector : Electric Mobility

15) Antidots

A recognized specialist in mobility, with its digital solutions applied to the tourism, leisure, e-commerce and events sectors, Antidots raised 10 million euros last November. Its aim is to further democratize MaaS and promote this type of platform to users and players in the tourism industry.

  • Amount : 10 million
  • Investors : Not communicated
  • Sector : MaaS

14) Ecov

Ecov, a new-generation mobility operator that deploys and operates car-sharing routes in peri-urban and rural areas, announces a capital raising of 11.7 million euros in May 2023. This strengthening of equity capital will enable it to consolidate its business model and accelerate the transformation of mobility, serving local authorities to make the ecological and inclusive transition a reality outside city centers.

  • Amount : 11,7 million
  • Investors : Banque des territoires (CDC), BNP Paribas, Ademe Investissement and Maif Impact.
  • Sector : Shared Mobility

13) Chargepoly

Chargepoly, the specialist in ultra-fast electric recharging solutions, announced the successful completion of its €15 million fundraising campaign last October. This substantial sum will enable the company to accelerate the deployment of its solutions for the most demanding markets, such as logistics and public transport.

  • Amount : 15 million
  • Investors : Fidève Groupe, Voltalia
  • Sector : Electric Mobility

12) Milla Group

MILLA GROUP, a leading innovator in automated transport, raised €15 million last June. Its objective is now to accelerate its development with the launch of the industrial phase of its MILLA shuttles and the deployment of its factory in the Paris region.

  • Amount : 15 million
  • Investors : Bpifrance, Celad, business angels
  • Sector : Autonomous Mobility

11) Karos

Karos, the French short-distance car-sharing specialist which now claims to be profitable, raised 17 million euros last November. The company is counting on this new capital to strengthen its position and become the European champion of short-distance car-sharing.

  • Amount : 17 million
  • Investors : Ring Capital and Citizen Capital
  • Sector : Shared Mobility

10) Allocab

French VTC platform Allocab, which competes with Uber, Kapten and Bolt and is more focused on B2B, raised 20 million euros in May 2023. The funds will be used to finance a fleet of electric vehicles.

9) Angell

Angell Mobility, a French start-up specializing in high-end electric bicycles, raised 20 million euros last September. A handsome sum in a difficult environment, which will enable the company to expand into new European countries such as Spain, Portugal, Benelux and the UK as early as 2024.

  • Amount : 20 million
  • Investors : Jaina Ventures, Groupe SEB Alliance, Bpifrance, CMA-CGM
  • Sector : Micromobility

8) Ascendance Flight Technologies

French start-up Ascendance Flight Technologies announced in March that it had raised 21 million euros in financing to enable it to enter the prototyping and pre-industrialization phase of its hybrid VTOL. It will also accelerate the marketing of its hybrid electric propulsion system to other aircraft manufacturers.

  • Amount : 21 million
  • Investors : Expansion Aerospace Ventures and French Tech Souveraineté
  • Sector : Air Mobility

7) Zeway

Zeway is the first shared battery exchange and recharging infrastructure dedicated to electric scooters. After two years of successful activity in Paris, the start-up has taken a new step forward with a second round of financing worth 27 million euros. Thanks to this capital injection, Zeway plans to expand to Nice and Bordeaux, bringing its innovative electric mobility solution to a wider audience.

  • Amount : 27 million
  • Investors : Demeter Investment Managers, InnovAllianz, WaterStart Capital, La Banque des Territoires, Ademe Investissement and Matmut Innovation.
  • Secteur : Electric Mobility

6) Upway

Following a €5 million seed round in 2021 and a €25 million round in spring 2022, Upway, the platform for selling reconditioned electric bikes, raised €30 million in November 2023. This substantial financing will enable the company to accelerate its development in the United States and establish its presence in Europe.

  • Amount : 30 million
  • Investors : Korelya Capital, Sequoia, Exor Ventures, Transition,
  • Sector : Micromobility


Finnish company Virta, world leader in electric vehicle charging platforms, closed an impressive €85 million financing round in April. This round of financing is designed to accelerate Vitra’s growth in Europe and Asia, helping to boost the electric mobility sector.

  • Amount : 85 million
  • Investors : Jolt Capital, Future Energy Ventures, E.ON., Helen Ventures, Vertex, Lahti Energy, Vantaa Energy and Kotka Energy and Business Finland
  • Sector : Electric mobility

4) Cabify

Spanish VTC platform Cabify raised over €100 million in March 2023. The aim is to accelerate growth in Latin America and Spain. The funds will be used to expand into new cities, as well as to integrate more electric vehicles into its fleet.

  • Amount : 101,5 million
  • Investors : Orilla Asset Management and AXIS
  • Sector : On-demand transport

3) May Mobility

May Mobility, a leader in the development and deployment of autonomous vehicles, closed a $105 million financing deal last November. The funds will be used to accelerate the development and commercialization of its technology in the United States, Canada and Japan, paving the way to profitability.

  • Amount : 105 million
  • Investors : NTT, Toyota Ventures, Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company, State Farm Ventures, BMW i Ventures, Cyrus Capital and Trucks Venture Capital.
  • Sector : Autonomous Mobility

2) Lyten

Lyten, a Silicon Valley start-up specializing in batteries, raised $200 million in new funds in September 2023, with the aim of significantly increasing production of lithium-sulfur batteries for electric vehicles. But also the production of lightweight composite materials and sensors.

  • Amount: 200 million
  • Investors: Stellantis, Prime Movers Lab, Honeywell, FedEx
  • Sector: Electric mobility

1) DriveCo

Driveco, a French pioneer in electric vehicle recharging, raised $250 million last May. These financial resources will enable the company to strengthen its territorial coverage, notably by deploying its own charging stations, and to accelerate its internationalization strategy.

  • Amount : 250 million
  • Investors : APG invest, Mirova, Corsica Sole
  • Sector : Electric mobility