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Zity: on the road to greater flexibility with new monthly subscriptions

In a world where urban mobility is constantly evolving, Zity, a subsidiary of the Renault group, is setting itself apart with the introduction of a new offer… The car-sharing specialist has launched three new monthly subscriptions that can be adapted to suit every need, to make mobility more accessible… Find out more about this major turning point that is moving towards personalized and much more flexible mobility…

A package to suit all needs

On Monday, 4 March 2024, Zity announced the launch of three new monthly subscription packages. What’s special about them? Allowing users to benefit from free minutes on all their journeys. These are the Basic, Standard and Premium packages. Each of these packages is designed to suit different user profiles, from occasional to more intensive use. The Basic package offers 5 free minutes for €4.99/month and the Standard package 10 minutes for €19.99/month. Finally, the Premium package, which offers up to 20 free journeys for €49.99. The latter is an ideal solution for short daily journeys. This flexibility in subscriptions underlines Zity’s commitment to adapting to the diverse requirements of urban mobility, making journeys more accessible and economical.

This initiative not only redefines the way people move around the city, but also represents a significant step towards a more accessible and personalised mobility model.

Rosa Campos, Managing Director of Zity by Mobilize Spain

Towards reinventing urban mobility

Established in Madrid in 2016, Zity has a fleet of 800 100% electric vehicles. So it was only natural that the Spanish capital was chosen for the launch of the new subscriptions. However, the company plans to roll them out in other cities where it is active, including Lyon and Milan.

In addition, to further improve urban mobility in Madrid and Milan, the company is introducing ‘Zity Mornings’. This offer allows users to benefit from free journeys from Monday to Friday, provided that they end between 6am and 12pm in the central areas of Madrid and Milan. However, rentals will be free up to a maximum of €9 per journey. Zity explains that this initiative is an efficient way of getting around the city economically and conveniently during periods of high demand.

Finally, Zity is unveiling another major update: the introduction of a new registration system with a €5 registration fee. However, these will be redistributed in the form of a €10 credit applicable to their first race. These measures make Zity a key player in the transition to more sustainable mobility that enhances quality of life.

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