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It’s official! Uber launches loyalty program in France

Following the upgrading of its drivers’ status, Uber continues to evolve. This week, the Uber Rewards arrive in France. Already available on the American market, the mastodon of urban mobility has officialized the arrival of its own loyalty program. A look back at this new system and an overview of the loyalty programs on the VTC market in France.

Focus on the Rewards’ loyalty program

Points awarded for different Uber services

Announced this Wednesday, January 29th, the loyalty program works like most other loyalty programs. The goal: Solicit people to use their various services, in order to earn points, and thus benefit from discounts. Indeed, Uber Rewards offers both drivers and customers :

  • 1 point for every euro spent using Uber Pool, their “shared shopping” service, or Uber Eats, their “ready meal delivery” service.
  • 2 points for using Uber X, the “discount shopping” service, Uber Acces, the service dedicated to people with reduced mobility, Uber Green, the eco-friendly version, and Uber Confort, the high-end version.
  • Finally, up to 3 points on journeys made in a sedan or Van.

To be won: Even more discounts and benefits

Thanks to these points, the user and the driver gradually climb the ladder. The Uber Rewards program has 4 levels:

  • Blue status, from 0 to 500 points. This first level allows the user to obtain free delivery charges on Uber eats, or promotions on Booking.com.
  • Gold status, between 500 and 1500 points. It also allows you to get faster support, discounts on their services and promotions on Wonderbox.com.
  • Then comes the Platinum status, reached between 1500 and 3000 points. The latter allows you to benefit from the best rated conductors and a simplified reimbursement system.
  • Finally, Diamond status from 3000 points. This last level protects the price of the preferred route and gives priority access to airports.

Note that the status is maintained for 6 months. Each time a new status is reached, the duration is extended for the next 6 months.

A system already present on the VTC market in France

When the Uber Rewards arrived, the VTC companies did not wait for the announcement to position themselves. Indeed, two weeks earlier, the French company Kapten, created in 2012, had also announced its new loyalty system. Already available for some time, the company wanted to bring a simpler and more rewarding ranking system. In particular, the group signed new partnerships with Smart box, Cheerz and BirchBox.

A few hours before Uber’s announcement, it was Marcel, a specialist in 100% electric cars, who launched its loyalty program. Called J’aime Marcel, the program aims to reduce the environmental impact of customers through a partnership with GoodPlanet. Totally oriented towards sustainable development, it offers promotions in Bio c’Bon stores and Ilek, a French supplier of green electricity and bio gas.