Uber expands its offer for the benefit of the “family”

Wednesday 17 May saw the third edition of GO-GET. An annual event organized by Uber to present its new innovations. This year, the major theme of the conference was “Family Style”. Thus, the new features presented were perfectly aligned with family values. In an already very positive financial context, these new features appear to be essential in the conquest of new users and the development of its economic model. According to Uber, these innovations are designed to “truly make users’ lives easier”… Intrigued? We’ll sum it up for you…

A new “family” profile and a “teen” account

A “family” profile has just arrived in the Uber application. This allows you to combine several existing accounts and centralize payment methods. With a family profile, everyone wins. Whether it’s paying for a partner’s ride or your grandmother’s grocery delivery, Uber now covers all needs from a single platform. This new feature also extends to Uber Eats, where a user can open a grouped online shopping order. This way, each profile can add the products they need to a common basket.

More interestingly, through this profile, a “teen” account is introduced. This is designed to give parents and guardians peace of mind and extra time. It allows parents to safely supervise and organize the journeys of their teenagers aged 13 to 17. With selected and experienced drivers, built-in safety features and 24-hour support, this new feature aims to ensure the safety and well-being of teenagers while giving parents more control and peace of mind. However, this feature is still limited to a few US and Canadian cities.

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The rides ordered are only limited to the Uber account’s municipality, they cannot leave the city.


In addition, the “teen” account is also available on Uber Eats, allowing teenagers to pay for their meals and deliveries with ease. Parents can track orders and manage expenses more easily through the app.

“1-833-USE-UBER” for easy booking

In an age where everything is done through apps, Uber has decided to go against the grain. Aware that some people might be reluctant or unfamiliar with using smartphones, the car-booking platform has announced the launch of a feature that allows people to book an Uber by phone. Only available in the US, customers will be able to call this number (833-873-8237) to speak to an operator. Once on the line, they simply order a ride or schedule a ride. Once the booking is made, the customer receives an SMS confirming the journey. The message then provides all the information about the vehicle, the driver, the estimated pick-up time and a link to track the journey. The service is available 7 days a week from 4am to 10pm.

“Uber Car Seat” for toddlers

Transporting a little one around town can be stressful. To address this issue that some parents face, Uber has partnered with car seat company Nuna. Named, “Uber Car Seat”, this new feature now allows parents to book a ride with a car seat, to easily transport their children from birth to 29 kg. The feature is only available in New York and Los Angeles for now, but other cities will be launched as time goes on. Uber Car Seat rates are the same as UberX with an additional $10 per car seat.

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These initiatives demonstrate Uber’s focus on meeting the specific needs of its users. By providing tailored options, the American giant is positioning itself as a trusted player, offering users convenient and secure solutions in a variety of areas. There is no doubt that Uber is once again strengthening its leadership position with its flexible and innovative solutions.