TIER integrates on its app the purchase of HSL public transport tickets

The well-known startup specializing in electric scooters, TIER Mobility, has just announced in its latest press release the launch of a new pilot project with the public transport operator in the Helsinki region. Namely, HSL. Indeed, users can now purchase their public transport tickets directly from the Tier application. Zoom on this great first for a micro-mobility operator.

From the first to the last kilometre

As we all know, the hardest part is often to make up the first or last few kilometers to our final destination. Indeed, not always accessible, it happens to lose more time during the first or last kilometres. And TIER and HSL have understood this, by joining forces to offer an intermodal route, from end to end.

Indeed, from now on, users in the Helsinki region will be able to purchase single tickets. Directly from the TIER application and at the same price as the Helsinki public transport operator. But this partnership does not stop there! In addition to the HSL ticket, the user will also receive either a free unlock or five minutes free of driving time for their next TIER ride. All of which will encourage users to promote intermodality.

TIER, on the way to a MaaS offer?

This new integration is by far a new step for the scooter supplier. Indeed, although in partnership with nearly 30 cities in Europe, as indicated in their press release, ” it is the very first time that TIER offers the service of a public transport provider in its app for sale.” A real strength allowing them to extend their offer in Finland, TIER presents today a real competitive advantage. Indeed, as announced by Katja Ojala, Managing Director Finland at TIER Mobility, “such partnerships between public transport and micro-mobility providers increase attractiveness and adoption of both services.”

An ambition that is not about to stop there. Indeed, as stated by Katja Ojala, “it is an important and first step to seamless integration of all forms of transport, to ensure citizens have access to the right form of mobility to meet their needs, at the right time, and in the most convenient place.” A statement, strongly emphasizing the foundations of Mobility as a Service. By partnering with Helsinki Public Transport, TIER Mobility now offers its customers “a viable multimodal alternative to using a private car.”

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