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Tesla Master Plan, Part 3 : What to keep in mind

Considered as one of the most expected conferences in the electric industry, the Tesla Investor Day was held last night in Texas. A conference used to be the opportunity for Elon Musk to unveil the major turning points in the history of Tesla, including this year the presentation of the new “Master Plan” of Tesla. A program, following the previous plans announced in 2006 and 2016. And for this third part, the flock of investors expected to discover new models of electric cars, such as the release of a more affordable model at less than 25 000 €. This was not the case, much to the dismay of many twittos and especially of Tesla’s share price, which fell by 5% at the end of the ceremony, according to CNBC. A disappointing conference, but three announcements still caught our attention…

“A fully sustainable energy future”

Such were the words employed by Elon Musk. A perception of the vision he has for the years to come, resulting in a total decarbonization. Indeed, as recalled by the multi-billionaire, “80% of energy comes from fossil fuels and that 80% of this energy is lost in heat with thermal engines.” Impacting figures demonstrating the importance of moving towards a totally electric energy transition.

And for this, the group’s ambition is to turn to solar and wind energy for manufacturing and storage. A solution already presented in 2016 in the Master Plan 2. Indeed, the group was already planning to deploy solar panels capable of storing energy in batteries. A perfectly integrated solution that looks interesting on paper, but has a cost… Indeed, all the countries or companies that would like to start this transition, will have to be able to spend nearly 10,000 billion dollars. You read that right, a pharaonic sum, representing about 10% of the world GDP… According to Elon Musk, this electrification could have repercussions on other modes of transport. It will be the case with airplanes, trucks or even boats.

Additional services to stand out

Although it is the leader in terms of sales volume of electric vehicles, the group is doing everything possible to reach its objectives. A goal set at nearly two million sales, with a profit of nearly 30 billion dollars for the year 2023. And to achieve this, the leader wants to stand out from the competition by launching a brand-new subscription, making it easier to recharge your car at home.

Indeed, for only 30 dollars a month, each Tesla owner will have the possibility to recharge his vehicle all night long. A service that will be launched to begin with only in Texas, with the supply of a “100% green energy”, from the various wind turbines located in the state. Premium services, which should allow them to sell 20 million cars per year by 2030. A figure that represents 15 times more than the current level.

AI, an advance put on the side

A “scary” technology… Who would have imagined one day that Artificial Intelligence would be seen in this light by one of the greatest visionaries of this era. Indeed, the billionaire expressed his fears about the preponderant use of this technology.

We need some sort of regulatory authority or something that oversees the development of artificial intelligence. Make sure it works in the public interest. It’s a pretty dangerous technology.


A position, far from being the first, showing a certain level of uncertainty, even regret on the part of Elon Musk. Indeed, the latter added that he feared “to have done certain things to accelerate it”. A paradoxical feeling knowing that the CEO of Tesla is also the co-founder of Open AI. The company that recently bluffed the whole planet with its new conversational chat, Chat GPT. Powered by AI, the billionaire had last December finally qualified the tool “scary” … A mistrust that could eventually fade away in view of the potential identified by most investors. An impulse that probably pushes Elon Musk to deepen different use cases of AI integration in these cars…