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Mobility startups: More than $11 billion invested in 2022

And realize that less than 2 years ago, the amount of fundraising was half as high. In fact, in 2020, this number amounted to 5 billion dollars. A fast-growing European market, analyzed by Mobivia’s startup acceleration Via ID and the famous startup data provider Dealroom.co. On the program, a biannual report deciphering more than 16,000 startups and 5,000 funding rounds. Let’s zoom in on the key figures of this 3rd edition of the “State of European Mobility Startups“…

Second best year in history

As stated in the title, precisely 11.2 billion euros were invested this year. An amount that is certainly down by 19% compared to last year (14 billion). According to Vincent Cabanel, Dealflow & Startup Acceleration Manager at Via ID, “this decrease is mainly explained by a lower number of mega-raises (with amounts above €100 million), whose objective is often an IPO.”

Indeed, as outlined in the report, we find on the podium the Swedish battery supplier Northvolt with 1.1 billion dollars raised this year, the Estonian application Bolt with 628 million euros in series F and finally the Croatian electric vehicle manufacturer Rimac with 500 million in series D.

An ecosystem punctuated by the arrival of 7 new unicorns compared to 16 last year. A figure clearly down, but still above the average recorded in previous years. Among them, we find the Dutch electric charging solution Allego, the famous Velocopter. Or the Swedish autonomous truck supplier Einride and the Swedish logistics startup Instabox.

Electric mobility, finally mature

It’s a surprise to no one. As you might expect, the electric mobility sector is on a roll. And this, despite the completely frozen IPOs… A sector that attracts many investors, as this report proves. Indeed, in terms of volume, electric mobility startups represent 61% of investments. This is unprecedented, considering that 5 years ago, this share only amounted to 20%! This is a record for this mature sector, which will account for 72% of all mega investments in 2022.

The data is clear: the European ecosystem of electric vehicle startups is maturing […]. Europe is a great playground for sustainable mobility, but investors are now looking for sustainable business models.


And not surprisingly, charging stations will be the fastest-growing segment between 2021 and 2022. A segment we already talked about in our article decoding the 6 mobility trends that will set the pace in 2023. And if we are to believe the figures, we were not mistaken… Indeed, investments in European EV charging start-ups have increased sevenfold over the past few years. In 2022, it reached 2 billion dollars. This increase can be explained by the fact that it is at the top of the podium in terms of “early-stage” financing, with 510 million dollars raised. A significant amount, representing a growth of 219% more than in 2021!

As an indication, concerning the other mobility industries, logistics is currently the most financed sector by value. In fact, it has raised over $2.8 billion. It is followed by vehicle production ($2.5 billion), mobility platforms ($2.1 billion) and mobility marketplace ($1.2 billion).

Europe on the front line

Last but not least, this report addresses Europe’s position in terms of investments. In the mobility sector, the USA is still in the majority. Indeed, the latter has raised no less than 18 billion dollars against 11 billion for Europe. Nevertheless, it is important to underline that this domination on paper hides another reality…

From 2021 to 2022, the USA has seen a 48% drop in investments, against only 19% for Europe. A figure that demonstrates the resilience of Europe, despite the current macroeconomic context. Indeed, among the countries attracting the most capital, we find in first position England with 2.5 billion invested. It is followed by Sweden (2 billion), Germany (1.4 billion) and France (1.2 billion). Encouraging figures that should continue to grow in view of the current thinking advocating more sustainable and viable mobility …