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Soon a “single ticket” valid everywhere in France

This is the announcement of the week! Indeed, as you may already know, today was the second day of the Forum of the Agency of Innovation for Transport. A national event 100% dedicated to the acceleration of the transition of mobilities where the Minister of Transport, Clément Beaune, took the opportunity to unveil his project of a single ticket. Zoom on this offer which will be based on the results of the hackathon, “transport ticket of tomorrow”, organized for the occasion…

On the way to a national “single ticket”

Imagine being able to take the bus in Paris, Lyon, Marseille or even Dijon with a single ticket? Well, this will be possible within two years. Indeed, the government’s ambition is to launch this universal transport ticket nationally by 2025.

“It is through innovative and concrete solutions that we can revolutionize the daily lives of public transport users in France. The single ticket to simplify users’ lives is a real revolution in transportation.”


A project, whose financing has not yet been fully defined, but inspired by other countries in Europe. In particular, we wrote an article on Deutschlandticket. As a reminder, the German government launched this universal ticket at the end of 2022, in order to be adopted by about 11 to 20 million people.

A hackathon for innovation

Today, a jury will select the most promising solutions for the competition within the forum. A hackathon with several working groups, including startups, transport operators, and students. Their objective is to propose a technological solution that can be tested by the end of 2023. And this, as specified by the minister Clément Beaune, “in a certain number of voluntary territories”.

These territories will have to be large enough. The reason? The first full-scale tests will be carried out at the level of a region or a department. Solutions that are already in use, such as the KorriGo pass or the Navigo pass in the Brittany and Ile-de-France regions. This broad coverage means we can offer a solution that provides a truly seamless experience. And this while taking into account generational habits.

“It can be either an app, which is obviously the easiest, or dematerialized titles recognized and read by all. […] Afterwards, we will also have to take into account people who are not familiar with digital technology, who are older or less accustomed to this type of solution, and who will also have to be supported.”


A fare issue, still pending…

“Single ticket” necessarily implies “single fare”. A question that Clément Beaune did not want to answer. As explained in an interview with 20 minutes, “we must respect this policy of decentralization of transport”. In other words, it is not the role of the government to set the price of transport for each region.

This is the responsibility of local authorities, unlike the support. A support that could strongly “lead to simplification of fares and encourage the organizing authorities to propose common fares”. A fare structure that could, who knows, integrate new eco-responsible transport alternatives in the future, like the Whim Unlimited Pass in Helsinki…