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Shift4Good, €100 million raised for sustainable mobility

Mobility companies looking for funding? This news is sure to please you! Globalisation has considerably increased the flow of goods and passengers. It is therefore not so shocking to learn that today the transport sector (road, sea, rail and air) accounts for a quarter of the world’s CO2 emissions. Tackling sustainable mobility and the circular economy of these activities is bound to have a positive impact on the environmental transition… And Shift4Good has understood this…

Shift4Good a true partner for success

On Tuesday 18 October, the investment fund Shift4Good announced that it has raised over €100 million for its venture capital fund dedicated to supporting startups decarbonising the transport industry. This is a first step towards their goal of €300 million at final closing in late 2023. The main investors include the European Investment Fund, Renault Group and Bpifrance. But also renowned family offices and entrepreneurs.

 Shift4good is very proud of this closing and to have such prestigious and committed partners. In addition to the three major investors, we appreciate the support of equipment manufacturers such as Motul and major players in the automotive services sector such as major French and European dealerships.

Yann Marteil, Co-founder & Managing Partner

Co-founded by Matthieu de Chanville, Sébastien Guillaud, Yann Marteil and Thierry de Panafieu, four French investors with expertise in venture capital and mobility, Shift4Good is an independent French management company, approved by the AMF, with offices in Paris and Singapore. Its objective is clear: to reduce the environmental impact of mobility. And how? Simply by investing. Indeed, the venture capital company is committed to providing startups with in-depth knowledge of the sector, financing and a collaborative ecosystem that can be mobilized to respond to the climate emergency. This impact investment fund is distinguished by its sector expertise in sustainable mobility and its strategic and operational support for innovative companies with high growth potential. In addition, his location in Singapore and his knowledge of the market help him to propel companies wanting to conquer the Asian market.

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Who will benefit?

Shift4Good will invest in around thirty startups over the next five years in Series A and B. The amount invested will be between €3 and €20 million per company. Two-thirds of the funds will be distributed to startups in the European Union. The remaining third will be shared in the rest of the world, particularly in South East Asia. These investments aim to accelerate the development of innovative start-ups by enabling them to become international champions. Thus, through their innovation, they will contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the mobility sector. The first two investments remain confidential, but will be announced shortly. All we know for the moment is that one is French, the other German. To be continued…