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Review 2021 : The top 5 of our best articles

43… Here is the number of articles published this year on our blog. Between infographics, mobinews, startup/ company portraits, case studies… In 2021, we tried to make you discover these new technologies and actors revolutionizing the mobility and technology sector. But have had the opportunity to read them all? If not, don’t panic, we have selected for you the top 5 most read and appreciated articles for 2021. At the same time, we wanted to thank you for your interest in our blog. We’re happy to see that you like our articles and that they’re shared. SO thank you, and now it’s time for the ranking!

5. Lime integrates Jump electric bikes on its mobile app [News]


Previously available only on Uber’s app, the Jump bike fleet is now accessible on the Lime app and available for use in 5 metropolises around the world: London, Paris, Denver, Seattle, and Washington. This is a great opportunity for the operator, who wants to “deliver the best possible service”. But Lime doesn’t intend to stop there. If you haven’t read the article yet, go discover the other projects of this giant of mobility.

4. Inclusive Mobility : Not all equals when it comes to Mobility [INFOGRAPHICS]

Then comes our free downloadable illustrated infographic on the topic of inclusive mobility. In France, despite many mobility solutions available nowadays, nearly a quarter of the French population say that they have difficulties accessing certain daily trips. Through figures and colorful diagrams, let’s zoom in on this inequality that is crucial for many local authorities and other stakeholders.


3. Transportation : The main route calculation algorithms


In the third position, we find our famous resource dealing with the main route calculation algorithms available today. This resource gathers in one paper the 4 most important algorithms for public transport route calculation, including detailed explanations, techniques of use, study cases, and examples of application. In less than three clicks, you will be able to download our resource attached here.

2. The events and mobility fairs of 2021 not to be missed

An article that you have much more liked in this year of 2021: our collection of events and mobility fairs not to be missed in the world. In the continuity of things, you will be able to review this year’s outstanding trade shows, as well as consult the important events not to be missed during 2022. For example Move, BlendWebMix, Eco motion, etc. With events all over the planet, both in person and in the form of webinars, you’ll be spoiled for choice!


1. MaaS : What is MaaS ? Definitions and perspectives


At the top of the podium, we find our article on the MaaS principle, the most read article of our blog for the year 2021. If you haven’t read it yet, go and have a look at it by clicking HERE. This article simply covers the concrete and general concept of MaaS, its use cases, its exploitation and evolution techniques, its platforms, etc. In short, the real holy grail of the mobility sector is in a single paper. Hurry up and read or re-read it! MaaS & Lyko, a love story !