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Mobi’ZAP January 2021 : The last mobility new

Like every end of the month, find our summary of news and changes in the field of mobility and transportation. This January’s program includes: The challenge of public transportation given the 6 p.m. curfew, Norway’s progress toward its aim at zero emissions, and the unexpected return of the Renault R5 2.0.

Sony’s mobility concept with the Vision-S presented at CES 2021 :

Credit : 01net

Already presented at CES 2020, the Japanese high-tech specialist is causing a sensation at CES 2021 with its Vision S. At the virtual edition of the CES 2021, Sony announced that it had conducted road tests in the Austrian Alps.

This is a real technological breakthrough that aims to advance mobility in a sustainable world.

However, the Japanese manufacturer has not yet decided whether to market its vehicle. Nevertheless, the director of Magna Steyr plans to work with the Japanese firm. This seems to indicate that the vehicle will soon be commercialized. In addition, the multinational made a strong statement with its innovative technology.
The implementation of LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors designed to detect what is around the car will improve user comfort.

In any case, from the electric concept car to the rolling model, there is certainly a margin, but this has not prevented Sony from crossing it with a certain class.

Congratulations to the Japanese Giant for this new advance in mobility!

Norway, the first country to sell more electric cars than combustion engines

Credit : REUTERS/Terje Solsvik

A report published on Tuesday, January 19 indicates that Norway is the first country in the world to sell more than 50% of electric cars.
In addition, the Norwegian Traffic Information Council (OFV for Opplysningsradet for Veitrafikken) stated that sales of electric vehicles by the country accounted for exactly 54.3% of new car sales, compared to 42.4% a year earlier.

As a reminder, Norway has set a target of ending combustion engine vehicles by 2025 to make way for electric vehicles.
The four best-selling models in the country are the Volkswagen/Audi e-tron, the Volkswagen ID.3, the Nissan Leaf and the Tesla Model 3, all fully electric. A report indicates that electric cars accounted for 66.7% of all sales in Norway last December. A new monthly record!

The unexpected return of the Renault R5 2.0 in 2023 :

Credit : Renault

Following the arrival of the new CEO Mr. Luca De Meo at Renault, the old volume strategy of Carlos Ghosn’s time is over! He organized the Renaulution event, exposing the new brand strategy with the slogan “The New Wave”. But above all the return of the mythical R5!

Fans will undoubtedly regret its old design even if the new one does not leave indifferent! Later, it will replace the famous Renault ZOE to make way for the city car which was the apogee of Renault in the 80-90s. But this time in 100% electric. In addition, we will find 6 new zero-emission models at its side.

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