MILES and Dance announce strategic partnership

While the shared mobility sector continues to be punctuated by a wave of takeovers, MILES and Dance have opted for another solution. The car-sharing operator and the electric two-wheeler rental company have entered into a partnership. The aim: Offering a wider range of mobility alternatives. Focus on this exclusive operation, launched this week in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich…

Covering as many journeys as possible

Home to work, going out for the evening, spontaneous weekends, shopping… MILES and Dance each respond to certain very specific needs. Thanks to this new collaboration, these two emblematic players can now offer their users maximum flexibility. How do they do this? By simply combining their two offerings, as the two companies stated in an article in Zag Daily.

By connecting our platforms, we aim to simplify the urban mobility experience and empower users to make smarter, greener choices when navigating the city.

Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss, Founder and CEO at Dance

Since Miles and Dance users have already chosen a more sustainable form of mobility, the partnership aims to make it easier for them to explore other players in this field as well – and thus to ultimately get around even more flexibly.

Leonard Meier, Miles Head of Business Development 

A clever incentive solution

First of all, the German players have decided to offer discounts. As stated in the rental company’s article, “MILES is offering Dance members €20 of Miles credit when they sign up to MILES as a new member”. Of course, this reward is also available to MILES customers. Customers will receive a discount code when they sign up to the Dance service. It just remains to be seen whether this operation will be a great success, and above all whether it will inspire other players to embark on this type of partnership…