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The 4 reasons to use the APIs of Lyko

Some dream about it, others talk about it, Lyko did it. Yesterday, we announced the official launch of our APIs. In a few lines of codes, Lyko provides you with all the functional and technological bricks you need to simplify the development of your own multimodal or MaaS solution. Through this article, we are going to present you the 4 arguments that will convince you to use our APIs in order to bring the best mobility experience to your users.

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1. Direct access to the distribution systems of more than 2,500 mobility services

Public transport, trains, bus, VTC, car sharing services, car rental, carpooling, micro-mobility, parking,… Via our mobility marketplace “Lyko Mobility Store”, we allow you to connect instantly to the data and the distribution systems of more than 2500 mobility service providers. On a local, regional or international scale, allow your users to book their favorite mobility services in real time. From booking an SNCF train or a RATP bus ticket, to a VTC at Le Cab, to car rental with Europcar or a car-sharing vehicle with MILES Mobility GmbH,… Cover a large part of their mobility needs.

In order to simplify integration, we take care of feeding, centralizing and coordinating the different data sets of public and private actors. And this, whatever their format. This saves your technical teams from having to juggle different systems or spend months integrating key functionalities such as inventory or estimated time of arrival (ETA), and saves you time and money in research and development. But for your sales team too, thanks to Lyko we avoid them wasting time prospecting, negotiating and concluding contracts for each operator.

2.The integration of a powerful intermodal calculator to serve passenger information.

Schedule of the next bus, status of the network, geolocation of nearby parking lots, suggestion of the best route including several modes of transport, isochronous (very soon). By integrating our APIs, we guarantee to deliver the best passenger information. Our algorithms are capable of processing and hosting a much larger volume of data than the trip planning solutions already on the market.


Much more than a multimodal comparator, at Lyko we go further. Unlike existing Open Source journey planners such as Navitia or Open Trip Planner, our own algorithms enable us to plan intermodal journeys on a national scale. Equipped with a powerful intermodal trip planner, we offer your users the possibility to plan a door-to-door trip, combining all modes of transport. And they can do it any way they want. Relay parking + bus, or metro + bike sharing.

3. The guarantee of a seamless user experience

To ensure an end-to-end mobility experience, all mobility services our APi are deeply integrated. No partial or deep-link. For you, we manage all the technical complexity related to the deployment of MaaS solutions. Our team of experienced developers ensures interoperability between the different datasets, in order to allow you to focus on the design and marketing aspects of your application.

4.The Lyko Free offer allowing you to test the API

Because we, as a startup, know that it is not always easy to find the necessary funds to optimize your product. To avoid this, we want to make our MaaS technology accessible to ALL innovators. And this in particular with our Lyko Free offer. Our first license includes 5000 requests. An excellent way to allow you to test and familiarize yourself with our API.

So what are you waiting for?
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