The car that will never let you carry your luggage again

Autonomous cars, connected cars, electric vehicles, car manufacturers never cease to surprise us in terms of innovation. This year, the luxury car manufacturer Lexus hit the bull’s eye with its LF-30 Electrified Concept model. Presented at the Tokyo Motor Show, which is currently running until November 4, this 100% electric vehicle is accompanied by a luggage carrier drone nicknamed the “Lexus Airporter”. Discover without further delay all the features of this car straight out of the future.

A breathtaking futuristic car

When you see this car, what catches your eye is above all its very avant-garde design, with a sporty look. Totally electric, this large LF-30 coupe is powered by 4 motors on each wheel and a battery that can be recharged while driving. With an ultra-cosy interior, the seats were inspired by the first classes of airplanes. A true jewel of technology, it offers maximum comfort thanks to the many onboard gadgets. From the projection of information on the roof to the gesture controls, or the anti-noise speakers in the headrests, it gives the impression of being in a real cockpit.

The Lexus Airporter, the luggage drone on board…

Fully autonomous, the Lexus LF-30 doesn’t just stop driving to make life easier for these passengers. Indeed, one of the greatest innovations is the integration of a drone as a luggage carrier. Totally surrealistic, it is able to carry all your luggage from the threshold to the car’s trunk by itself. Enough to prevent you from ruining your holidays with a backache!

A car that will probably never see the light of day…

Imagined for 2030, it is in reality only a prototype used only as a showcase product. Indeed, Toyota’s premium brand has released this model to set the stage for the arrival of its first 100% electric model. By 2025, the manufacturer has announced that all of these models will be electric. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to check out the video which introduces the LF-30 Electrified. You will be impressed! And you, what do you think of this innovation ? Would you be willing to invest in this vehicle?