Study and figures on the
mobility and MaaS market

TOP 1  |  AUG. 2021

Whim, Bonjour RATP, Skipr,… Find a listing of the main MaaS solutions in France and Europe.

June. 202

Nowadays, around 70 to 80% of greenhouse gas emissions of a festival, a concert or a tour, are caused by transports… But some new alternatives are slowly emerging. 

FEV. 2022

60% of French people consider that the distance between home and work is the most important criterion before choosing a job…

DEC. 2021

Triple the number of bicycle trips…
Find out how the city of Lyon is
working to achieve this goal.

Jun. 2021

 Traffic disruption, accidents, stress, freeway congestion is getting worse and worse. What if teleworking was the decisive remedy to traffic jams?

MAy. 2021

A real issue for nearly 3 out of 5 French people, mobility today represents for some a real factor of exclusion… 

APR. 2021

In full expansion, discover how more and more operators are launching into the night train market.

Mar. 2021

7.5 M members and 4.5 M modifications per day… Discover OpenStreetMap, the collaborative map in the world…

FEB 2021

Focus on these multimodal platforms tackling a wider change of approach, tending towards MaaS.

JAN. 2021

By 2030, one in three cars will be autonomous. It may seem hard to believe, but it’s true!

DEC. 2020

An ecological footprint far from being as white as snow but more and more solutions are being put in place… 

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