iCabbi, the API dedicated to cab fleet management

Remember in 2014, when Uber driver, shook the private transportation market. An unexpected arrival that pushed companies and cab drivers to rethink the management of their races. This is how iCabbi came to be. Through its API, the Dublin-based company wants to “put cab companies at the center of mobility”. Find out more about the company that aims to come to the rescue of local businesses.

iCabbi in a few words

Founded in 2010 in Ireland, iCabbi has since expanded to the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Today, more than 70,000 cabs and VTCs around the world use iCabbi’s technology. Its algorithm is capable of handling 3.5 million trips per week.

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3 offers by iCabbi, with differents goals

As said on its website, “Our main aim at iCabbi is customer success”, these are the words used by the Irish company. The aim at iCabbi is to provide the mobility sector with an API that will help the managers to manage their shopping and grow their customer base. To do this, the company has selected more than 80 partners directly integrated on its API, capable of bringing added value to the fleet of its customers.

Fleet Management

Fleet management helps iCabbi customers with all administrative processes and billing. The user can then configure the system according to his needs, which makes it very flexible and allows him to control his fleet as he wishes. He also has the possibility to analyse his figures to adapt and improve his activity according to his results.

Passenger Experience

iCabbi also offers its users a suite that allows them to “compete with any of your competitors”. This suite allows its customers to provide their users with a single booking and payment application, a white label booking solution and the ability to manage all their customer accounts in the easiest way possible.

Driver Experience

With this tool, users can simplify the lives of their cab drivers by providing them with a dedicated application, ensuring a much safer and more enjoyable experience to view, manage and understand their journeys while saving them time.

A taxi dispatch software on the right track to expand

In June 2018, via its subsidiary RCI Bank & Services, Renault acquired a 75% stake in the Irish company, which specializes in “dispatch management” of VTC and cab fleets. This acquisition is part of RCI Bank & Services’ desire “to become a service provider for mobility professionals, to whom we are now offering a new high-value-added technological component”. As a reminder, in 2017 the subsidiary acquired Yuso, a vehicle fleet management company for cabs, VTCs and delivery services. It had also acquired Marcel, a VTC booking platform, sometime later.

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