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Gaiyo strengthens its position in B2E MaaS with the acquisition of Mobility Mixx

Employee mobility is one of the most promising sectors in the MaaS industry. Indeed, the B2E market represents a real business lever for MaaS players. This is an opportunity seized by the Dutch MaaS application, Gaiyo. The latter has just announced the acquisition of the corporate mobility solutions provider, Mobility Mixx. Zoom on the consequences of this new opportunity for this reference player, in the MaaS ecosystem…

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An extension of new services for Gaiyo Business

Launched in 2022, the Gaiyo Business service now allows employees to save up to 17% on their travel expenses. And this through a single application offering employers the possibility to manage their mobility policy and employees the possibility to plan, book and pay for their trips.

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A service that is now enhanced with new features, following the acquisition of Mobility Mixx. Among these new features, MaaS customers will be able to easily set up mobility credit. The latest financial device that is becoming increasingly popular, presented as the future of companies. In addition, the OV-Chipkaart card is now available. A contactless smart card that is valid on the entire NS rail network and public transport networks in the Netherlands. Finally, the possibility of registering the CO2 emissions of each employee, a measure that will become mandatory from 2024.

Together with Gaiyo, we offer a comprehensive mobility service for consumers and employers. Together, we help travelers find new and flexible ways to travel. These are scalable, cost-conscious and cleaner.


New objectives announced…

As part of the MIRT A2 Deil-Vught program, this new collaboration has the ambition to eventually relieve the congestion around the A2 freeway. A motorway zone, located between the interchanges of Deil and Vught, threatened to become very soon the largest road “bottleneck” of the country. A pressure that forces the local authorities and the mobility actors to find solutions to ease the traffic in this area. And this, in the case of Gaiyo, through “deployment of intelligent, innovative and sustainable mobility solutions”, especially on the vertical of commuting.

In recent years, we have focused primarily on serving the consumer. With the acquisition of Mobility Mixx, we now welcome over 100 new business customers to Gaiyo Business. The acquisition also makes a significant contribution to our sustainability goals. Our goal is to achieve a reduction of 70,000 tons of CO2 emissions within five years.