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Free2move | SHARE NOW and FLOYT Mobility | billiger-mietwagen.de announce Europe-wide integration

Free2move Share Now, the leader in self-service car sharing, has just announced a new strategic partnership… Almost two years after acquiring its competitor Share Now, the European leader is celebrating a new milestone with the largest car rental price comparator: billiger-mietwagen.de. Find out how this alliance is opening up new perspectives in the redefinition of urban mobility…

Greater access to the Free2move ShareNow offer

As of today, billiger-mietwagen.de customers can access around 10,000 Free2move vehicles in Europe via the application. This integration represents an expansion of the current range of services, but above all it underlines the joint ambition of the companies to transform the mobility infrastructure in urban areas sustainably.

The partnership with Free2move | SHARE NOW emphasizes the importance of collaboration within the mobility industry to create efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective mobility. With the new offer, billiger-mietwagen.de offers a greater variety of rental cars and sharing offers than any other mobility app.

Frieder Bechtel, press spokesman of billiger-mietwagen.de | FLOYT Mobility

A shared vision for sustainable mobility

This collaboration goes far beyond extending our service offering. It embodies a shared vision for transforming mobility infrastructure in urban areas in a sustainable way. By joining forces, Free2move | ShareNow and billiger-mietwagen.de | FLOYT Mobility are moving resolutely towards a future where connectivity and sustainability are at the heart of every journey.

“Especially in urban areas, more and more people prefer a mix of different mobility options. By collaborating with billiger-mietwagen.de | FLOYT Mobility, we become part of a mobility platform that reflects and shares our vision. In addition, we can convince even more people of the advantages of car sharing in the long term.

Patrick Dillenberger, press spokesman for Free2move | SHARE NOW

About Free2move

With around 10,000 vehicles and 16 locations, Free2move | SHARE NOW is Europe’s leading free-floating car-sharing provider. In 2023, the company recorded 14% growth in the number of new customers. Thanks to integration into the billiger-mietwagen.de application, the Free2move | SHARE NOW offer can be used by customers in Germany and Austria throughout Europe.

About billiger-mietwagen.de

www.billiger-mietwagen.de is Germany’s largest price comparison service for rental cars and car sharing worldwide. French customers are served by www.CARIGAMI.fr and other European markets by www.FLOYT.com. With its Internet portals and its application, the company offers users a transparent overview and access to more than 2,000 car rental companies. They can also access more than 30,000 car-sharing vehicles worldwide. The German consumer protection organisation Stiftung Warentest (number 1/2023) also rated the portal as “good”. It also awarded it top marks for customer service.