FREENOW application integrates Dott in 5 countries in Europe

On the occasion of the Web Summit 2021, the multimodal platform and the micromobility operator announced a strategic partnership. Focus on this partnership that will enable FREENOW to gradually become one of the leading MaaS applications in Europe.

A new micromobility offer

With the ambition to become Net-Zero Carbon by 2030, FREENOW is constantly advocating greener mobility. A reduction of carbon emissions through the electrification of 50% of its fleet by the end of 2025. But not only that… One of its measures is to “develop its micromobility offer for short trips”. After Voi, Tier, Emmy and Bond Mobility, it’s Dott’s turn to join the multimodal application.

We want to make it as easy as possible for more people to choose to travel across their cities in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Our new partnership with FREENOW will give more people access to our services, helping to free our cities from congestion and pollution.

Henri Moissinac, Co-Founder and CEO of dott

Indeed, users will be able to reserve their Dott scooter in a few clicks, directly on the FREENOW app. First launched in London following the selection of Dott by the British capital in June 2021, this partnership will soon be extended to France, Italy, Germany and Poland. Other Dott vehicles, such as electric bicycles, will soon be integrated. By the end of 2021, the multimodal application plans to have a fleet of 10,000 electric bikes.

FREENOW, on the way to MaaS

After starting by integrating Kapten in September 2020, then this summer the car-sharing cars of ShareNow, the joint venture between BMW Group and Daimler Mobility AG shows its desire to enter the MaaS market. VTC, cab, car-sharing and scooter services, FREENOW is a leading multimodal application. It is available in over 150 cities in Europe and Latin America. It has 3 million users and 3,500 corporate clients.

FREENOW is the mobility platform with the biggest choice for consumers across Europe. We are the only Mobility Super App, which has all major European eScooter operators integrated with a deep integration – this means the user journey is absolutely friction-free from booking to payment.

Marc Berg, CEO of FREE NOW, 

The only thing missing is public transport, the central pillar of a MaaS application. You can bet that it could get closer to the ReachNow app,(ex-Moovel) also owned by the joint venture. This reference MaaS app in Germany, launched in 2019, integrates the purchase of HVV & VRR public transport tickets. Without any deep-link!