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DKV Mobility launches an accredited card for multi-operator recharging

Electromobility has taken another step forward with the recent announcement by DKV Mobility of its brand new offer… The DKV Card +Charge. This innovative accreditation card gives users of electric commercial vehicles privileged access to a vast recharging network, with no fewer than 110,000 points spread across France. It’s a major step forward that considerably simplifies the recharging experience for drivers, whatever their geographical location…

Transparent pricing and simplified management

One of the major advantages of the DKV Card +Charge is its unified pricing policy. The DKV Card +Charge offers a single tariff, unlike traditional systems. This simplifies cost management for drivers and fleet managers. What’s more, no service charge is applied to kWh consumed when recharging on the move. Thanks to the customer portal and the DKV application, users can monitor their consumption, the time spent at the charging point and the associated billing in real time. This transparent and simplified approach demonstrates DKV Mobility’s commitment to providing practical and efficient solutions to meet the growing need for electric mobility.

Universal access to electric charging points

In addition to its attractive pricing policy, the DKV Card +Charge offers an optimised user experience. One of the major challenges facing electromobility is the diversity of operators and tariffs. Aware of this problem, DKV Mobility is striking hard by guaranteeing its users full access to all public and semi-public charging points, regardless of operator. This inclusive initiative even includes Tesla superchargers. It offers unprecedented connectivity on Europe’s roads, with no fewer than 10,000 charging points available. The DKV Card +Charge offers users a complete, transparent and cost-effective solution for their recharging needs. With this new offer, DKV Mobility confirms its commitment to the transition towards more sustainable mobility, while offering an optimal user experience.