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Citymapper integrates National Express West Midlands bus ticket booking

Since launching its Pass in April 2019, Citymapper has recognized the UK’s potential for MaaS solutions. Acquired by the American start-up Via in 2023, Citymapper continues to innovate in this market. Users can now plan trips and purchase National Express West Midlands (NXWM) bus tickets directly from the app. This is made possible through an alliance with a renowned digital ticketing technology provider, potentially redefining Citymapper’s business model and opening new growth opportunities.

Citymapper : striving for profitability

From the outset, Citymapper has struggled with profitability. Initially known for its route planning app, it has explored various revenue streams. It included a hybrid transport service, a paid subscription, and advertising, without success. Currently, Via aims to establish a viable business model. How ? By integrating offerings from one of the UK’s largest urban bus providers outside London.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Citymapper, and by integrating our bus services and tickets with their user-friendly app we are providing new and existing passengers with seamless access to greener, easier transport options. 

Antony Goozee, Bus Strategy and Commercial Director of National Express

NXWM averages 210 million journeys per year in the West Midlands. Partnering with Citymapper offers increased visibility to 50 million users worldwide.

A strategic partnership with Masabi

The mobile ticketing functionality in the Citymapper app is facilitated by Masabi’s Software Development Kit (SDK). This SDK enables a more convenient and flexible mobile ticket purchasing and payment experience.

As we have seen in cities around the world where a range of leading MaaS apps have used Masabi’s SDK to empower greater choice to public transport users, ticketing options being made available through the Citymapper app allows authorities, operators and passengers increased accessibility to services and greater flexibility by providing a seamless ticketing experience.

Brian Zanghi, ceo of Masabi,

Available tickets include single, daily, and weekly options. Users can validate their tickets by scanning them on validators at bus entrances. This innovation could serve as a model for other regions, facilitating smoother and more eco-friendly mobility, not just in public transport.

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