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Musical events – In search of more eco-friendly transportation solutions

After more than 2 years of “break” for the event industry due to the global health crisis, the world of entertainment and festivals is back in the spotlight. Having learned to find new solutions such as “remoteness” to perform, artists now wish to get back to their public, but not without some changes. For about ten years now, we have seen the emergence of a desire to turn towards eco-responsibility, both in an isolated and more massive way. Indeed, many studies have shown that the most important part of pollution during a festival, a concert, or a tour, was attributed to transportation. That’s why artists and organizers are now trying to implement more eco-responsible transport solutions.

Find out who they are and what they do. A clue, they are not always the ones you would have thought…



We have just seen that many artists and event organizers are taking the step of change and eco-responsibility. But there are other cases, other scales to which we want to adapt this model and these transitions. The proof that all this is possible, from the point of view of an agglomeration, is the Fête des Lumières in Lyon (France).

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In recent years, the Lyon metropolitan area has chosen to take action, in collaboration with the various transport entities present in the city. Measures such as increasing public transport traffic, lower fares for tourists coming by train, pedestrianization of certain areas, encouraging carpooling and the use of bicycles, reduced or even free bus tickets, etc. So maybe everything is possible !