A possible partnership between Apple and Hyundai for their electric car

This Friday, the famous South Korean manufacturer Hyundai Motor Group has just confirmed that they are in discussion with Apple for a possible collaboration, in order to develop the “Apple Car”planned within 5 to 7 years. This partnership between the world’s number 5 car manufacturer and the Californian giant could greatly enable them to facilitate its entry into the race for electric and autonomous cars.

A promising partnership…

24% … Here is the rate at which Hyundai Group shares have soared overnight. An increase never seen since 1988 for the Korean manufacturer. Following the announcements of the spokesman, the Seoul Stock Exchange experienced a surge of these shares. Although ” Negotiations are only at their beginnings “, the group announces that ” nothing has been decided “. Still, it seems that “Hyundai could supply automotive components to Apple or build the entire Apple Car.An announcement that Hyundai later revealed… Probably because Apple has a habit of keeping a low profile on its new products. In fact, a few hours later, the car manufacturer only said that it had been contacted by potential partners on the development of an electric and autonomous vehicle. And this, without giving more details.

A future car that we’ve been hearing about since 2014 and that all Apple fans are eagerly awaiting. Known at the beginning as the Titan, today the Apple Car is known for a “revolutionary” battery. A battery, specially designed by the engineers of the Californian group. Based on a single block , it will be consisting of lithium iron phosphate (LFP). With the plan to start production in 2024, Apple is putting all the chances on its side. In particular by recruiting nearly ten former employees of Tesla, such as Doug Field or Steve MacManus, former engineers of the Californian manufacturer.

Far from being the first collaboration…

Indeed, this future partnership reminds us that Hyundai and Apple are already working together on CarPlay. Apple’s software that allows iPhones to be connected to a variety of vehicles.

As a result of these collaborations, Apple could stand out for its ability to integrate its own autonomous driving system. Already working on its own software and sensors, Apple could significantly reduce production costs and be ahead of its competitors such as Tesla, BMW, Daimler, General Motors, Apple, etc.